The Middletown High School Drama Club
David and Lisa
by James Reach & Theodore Issac Rubin
performed January 10 & 11, 1969
Directed by Paul Venancio & Diane DeSantis
Student Director - Ann Bogart
Class of 1969 Senior Play
David Clemens
Dudley Beal
Mrs. Clemens
Judith Scott
Paul Pavis
Susan Sherman
Dr. Alan Swinford
William James
Mrs. Ferris
Elizabeth Peckham
Michelle Lamoureux
Sharon Marinella
Greg Sherwood
Janet Gillen
Thomas Geyer
Bonita Robinson
Maryann Botelho
Linda Belko
Mike Radkovich
Alan Kaplan
Skip Messier
Mr. Clemens
Paul Pavis
Jill Rocklin
Paula Gruendl
First Boy
David Jordan
Second Boy
Mike Radkovich
Student Director
Ann Bogart
Stage Manager
Toby Barrett
Set Design
Elizabeth McClintock
Robin Worthley
Lynne Floyd, with Karen Emery, Chris MacGregor, Cathy Burke
Cosumes and Makeup
Sandy Bonenberger and Debbie Calvin
Susan Sherman
Susan Sherman and Barbara Ehrlich, with Dudly Beal, Karen Emery, Lynne Floyd, Pierre Vining, Nancy Coulter, Judy Grimmit, Kathy Humes
Linda Amaral
Nanci Silvia, with Lisa Finn, Barbara Carrellas, Linda Cleasby, Lani Linville, Christine Stritzinger
Sue Brown
Who's Who in the Cast
Dudley Beal (David Clemens): Dudley, a senior, makes his debut tonight.  He is a drama student and, as President of the German Club, is directing and producing a movie with its members.
Maryann Botelho (Lisa): Maryann, in her five years at MHS, has been very active in all phases of student life, including cheerleading.  In her junior year she played Mrs. Smith in The Bald Soprano.  She plansto study in the field of journalsim.
William James (Dr. Alan Swinford):  Bill, a senior, began working with dramatics as stage manager of Brigadoon. He is a drama student, memebr of the MHS Thespian Troupe, and the Newport Players Guild.  He hopes to continue in drama.
Judy Scott (Mrs. Clemens): Judy is a senior this year, a memerb of the Thespian Troupe, debating club, and National Honor Society.  She plans to major in English or history.
Paul Pavis (Mr. Clemens): Paul begins his acting career with this role.  He is a theater enthusiast andplans to major in the fine arts, particularly painting and sculpture.
Henry Messier (John):  Skip is a member of the Thespian Troupe, and is also interested in art and music.  He plans to pursue all three in college.

Program Notes:

The appealing and fascinating story of David and Lisa was first shared with audiences in 1961 when it was presented as an award-winning film.  The stage version has been adapted from the film but with utmost fidelity to the screen original as is easily observed in the short scene technique.  Although the play, only released last year, has joined the ranks of the most-produced plays in American high schools, it continues to be an experiment to determine the compatibilty of two media - cinema and theatre.

Transcending the experiment, however, is the story which makes David and Lisa a "now" play.  In a world bent upon cold and impersonal materialism, we find two young people who find that interaction, dependence, and love are the keys with which to lead emotionally healthier lives.


Yearbook Notes

This senior class production was an experiment to determine the compatability of two media - cinema and theater.

In a world bent upon cold and impersonal materialism, we find two young people who find that interaction, dependence, and love are the keys with which to lead emotionally healthier lives.

The original idea of the three blocked stage was very effective.  The excellent lighting and the marvelous work of the stage crews contributed greatly to the success of the play.

Well cast characters and the smoothness of the presentation must be attributed tothe expert direction of Mr. Paul Venancio and Miss Diane Desantis.  Innumerable hours were spent by the entire company, the result being a very enlightening and dramatic production.

Thank You BETTY PECKHAM for the program!
Judith Scott, Dudley Beal, Paul Pavis
Michelle Lamoureux, Janet Gillen
Dudley Beal, William James
Dudley Beal, Maryann Botelho
Dudley Beal, Maryann Botelho

William James, Alan Kaplan, Henry "Skip" Messier, Michelle Lamoureux, Linda Belko

Linda Belko, ?, Elizabeth Peckham, ?, ?, ?, ?, Thomas Geyer, ?, ?