The Middletown High School Drama Club
Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Lowe
performed March 29 & 30, 1968
Directed by Mrs. Bernice Engelbrecht

"The legendary tale of Brigadoon, a small town in a forest in the Scottish highlands, that appears for one day every century, unchanged by history and un touched by progress.

Two young Americans, Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, happen upon the town while on a hunting expedition. They are fascinated when they learn of the legend of Brigadoon. In the 24 hours they are there, they become quite involved in the lives of the townspeople. There is a wedding and afuneral, a beginning and an ending. Tommy falls in love with Fiona Maclaren, one of the lasses of Brigadoon. As the town vanishes, Tommy says goodbye to her forever. He and Jeff return to New York, but Tommy finds he cannot suppress his love for Fiona, and can think of nothing but her. His love is so strong that she comes back and takes him with her, into the mist of the highlands, not to return for a hundred years.

Deserving praise for her countless hours of work in directing and producing this fantastic play is Mrs. Bernice Engelbrecht. The realistic costumes and scenery drew the audience into the awe of the surroundings. The hard-working cast and crew did a magnificant job of putting on a show that was an experience to remember." (from the 1968 yearbook)

Tommy Albright
Vernon Graham
Jeff Douglas
John Ford
Archie Beaton
Robert E. Reimer
Harry Beaton
Gary Watkins
Angus McGuffie
James Murphy
Sandy McLeod
Michael Radkovich
Andrew MacLaren
Donald Rock
Fiona MacLaren
Kathleen Murphy
Jeannie MacLaren
Marie Romanus
Meg Brockie
Maribeth Ferretti
Charlie Dalrymple
Robert Blake
Maggie Anderson
Elizabeth Peckham
Mr. Lundle
James P. Dugan
Sword Dancers
Steven Erickson, Alan Kaplan
Stuart Dalrymple
Peter O'Toole
William Alford
Frank (the bartender)
Cliff Hightower
Jane Ashton
Antoinette DeMarco
A. J. Gair
Townsfolk of Brigadoon
Donald A. Rock, Cynthia Carpenter, Pamela Viti, William Alford, William Kelly, William Jones, Nancy Coulter, Christine Stroud, David Parker
Charlotte Brock, Judi Day, Pamela Dozier, Steven Erickson, Judi Grimmitt, Richard Jerr, Cynthia Jones, Alan Kaplan, Janice Kaull, John Kendrick, Patricia Martins, Steven Myers, Marianne Mytinger, Dianne Nunes, Guy Price, Elizabeth Sawtelle, Peggy Sullivan
Deborah Calvin, Barbara Clarke, Linda Cleasby, Patricia Highsmith, Lynn Floyd, Elizabeth Peckham, Christine Stritzinger, Gail Vandermyde, Linda Zagaglia
Mrs. Sarah Leverett
Student Producer
Anne Bogart
Set Design
Mrs. Rosemary Day
Betty Peckham, with Marie Romanus, Mrs. Patricia Wagner, Mrs. Bonnie Columpar
Miss Frances Martin, Ann Sokol, Diane Kundrat
Phyllis Mellekas, with Rita Mellekas, Elizabeth Devine
Mrs. Linda Dewing
Barbara Ehrlich
Marianne Mytinger, Mary Burke, Mary Feeney
Cynthia Jones, Nancy Coulter, Paula Gruendl
Production Director
David Murray
Stage Manager
William James
Set Design
Elizabeth McClintock
Set Construction
John Sokol, Walter Alves, Stephen Whitman, Steven Brown, Jim Kastrites, William McCaull
Lighting Director
Michael Milner
Lighting Crew
Michael Sullivan, John Law, Joe Fenney
Mrs. Jill Warren, Betsy Silvia
Janet Jurista


Vern Graham, John Ford
Steve Myers, ?, Vern Graham, ?
front: Marie Romanos
rear: ?, ?, Christine Stritzinger, Becky Peckham
Vern Graham, ?
Vern Graham, John Ford
Betty Peckham & Marie Romanus (foreground)
surrrounding: Lynn Floyd, ?, ?, ?, ?, etc
dancing: Marie Romanus, ?
John Ford, Vern Graham, ?
Steve Erickson, Gary Watkins, Alan Kaplan
?, Vern Graham, ?, ?
standing: ?, ?, ?, Diane Nunes, ?, ?
on the floor: ?, Becky Peckham