The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Bald Soprano
by Eugene Ionesco
performed May 1968
Directed by Mrs. Jill Warren
Student Director: Anne Bogart
Class of 1969 Junior Play

Mr. Smith
Jim Cometa
Mrs. Smith
Maryann Botelho
Mr. Martin
Steven Myers
Mrs. Martin
Nanci Silvia
Judi Scott
Edward Zesk
Mrs. Jill Warren
Student Director
Anne Bogart
Nancy Coulter
Stage Manager
Mark Nemtzow
Stage Design
Betsy McClintock
Make Up
Diane Nunes
Lynne Floyd
Gail Vandermyde
John Law
Catherine Woolhouse

E. Zesk, J. Cometa, N. Silvia, S. Meyers, M. Botelho
E. Zesk, J. Cometa, N. Silvia, M. Meyers, M. Botelho
M. Botelho, Lynne Floyd
E. Zesk, J. Cometa, M. Botelho
M. Botelho
J. Cometa
E. Zesk
N. Silvia, S. Myers
N. Silvia, S. Myers
J. Scott
J. Scott, E. Zesk
M. Botelho, J. Cometa
"'The Bald Soprano'our Junior Class Play was a sublime comedy written by Eugene Ionesco. The main characters were Jim Cometa and Maryann Botelho as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Steve Myers and Nanci Silvia as Mr. and Mrs. Martin. This was a French play written about the English bourgeoisie, living in the suburbs of London. It was an amusing way of depicting the lack of communication in the 'middle class.'

Mr. and Mrs. Martin visit the Smiths and encounter the maid, Judy Scott, and the fireman, Ed Zesk.

We thank Mrs. Warren, faculty director, and Anne Bogart, student director, and everyone who worked to make our pklay successful." (from the yearbook)


Note:  This play was Ann Bogart's directorial debut (the "director" was apparently more of a producer and the "student director" was the artistic director.  She has since been a recipient of two Obie Awards, and a Bessie Award, and is an Associate Professor at Columbia University in New York.


Many thanks to Jim Cometa for sending me a cool photocopy of the program for this production! J.