The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Wizard of Oz
A Production of the MHS Music Department
Written by L. Frank Baum
Adapted by Frank Gabrielson
Music & Lyrics by Harold Arlen & E. Y. Harburg
performed March 14-16, 1968

The Cast
Aunt Em
Susan Beachum
Charles Burnell
Uncle Henry
Richard Ehrhardt
Patricia Martins
Mayor of the Munchkins
Francis Paranzino
A Munchkin Farmer
Frederick Romanus
Sorceress of the North
Susan Spencer
Wicked Witch of the West
Sherri Smith
Michael Radkovich
Tin Woodsman
Kenneth Pierson
Cowardly Lion
Robert Blake
A Private
Henry Messier
First General
James Cometa
Old Lady
Deborah Blankenship
Lord Growlie
Maurice Crotteau
Suzanne Gilmore
The Wizard of Oz
Duncan Chopoorian
First Witch
Marybeth Ferreti
Second Witch
Claire Silvia
Joseph Crotteau
The Munchkins
Sandi Bonenberger, Linda Cleasby, Ann Cruz, Diane DeMers, Patricia Faria, Debra Grunstra (Burridge), Marilyn Kaull, Donna LaRose, Joseph Marques, Joyce Marshall, Butch Paranzino, Karen Perry, Susan Pettit, Dianne Pomelek, Fred Romanus, Maria Rosa, Sally Shaw, Rosemary Silveria, Nanci Silvia, Esmee Torelli, Linda Vars
The Jitterbugs
Karen Burnell, Barbara Carellas, Linda Cleasby, Moni Czopek, Julie Hinman, Candy Kelly, Ann King, Sandra Makeever, Diane Marshall, Carol Matley, Jane Matley, Debbie Rypma, Linda Solomon, Maureen Viti
The Chorus
Jane Alvernas, Wilfred Beauchamp, Amy Brock, Robert Carpenter, Barbara Cleasby, Joanne Couturier, Karen Culipher, Judi Day, Pam Dozier, Hank Dyer, Sharon Elliott, Sandra Frazier, Suzanne Gilmore, Judith Grimmitt, Coleen Kane, William Kelly, Steven Kundrat, Peter Klein, Beverly Lawrence, Brenda Marshall, Barbara Milner, Ernest Mixon, Steve Myers, Marianne Mytinger, Debby Nunes, Gloria O'Connor, David Parker, Ginny Riggs, Linda Reynolds, Thomas Sherman, Laurie Smith, Margarite Sullivan, Richard Updegrove, Pam Viti, Curtis Wert, Ellen Woodland
Who's Who in the Cast
Patricia Martins, who plays Dorothy, bows tonight in her first major role. Audiences will remember her for Little Women, one of Fagin's Boys in Oliver, [and the] chorus of Brigadoon, besides her many appearances with the MHS Choir. She is a drama student.
Kenneth Pierson, a newcomer to MHS, portrays the Tin Woodsman. Active in musical affairs, he sings bass in the choir and plays drums in the school band.
Robert Blake, our Cowardly Lion, is an old hand in high school musicals, having been seen as Doctor Grimwig in Oliver and Chartlie Dalrymple in Brigadoon. A third year student in the MHS Choir and band, he was also chosen top tenor in the All-State Choir.
Michael Radkovich, the Scarecrow, starred in Oliver and was seen in Brigadoon and David and Lisa. Recently selected to compete in the state's drama festival, Mike's acting ability has earned him amembership in the Thespian Troup. He is also a member of the school's drama class.
Duncan Chopoorian is the Wizard. A three year member of the MHS Choir, he played a street urchin in Oliver.
Susan Spencer makes her debut tonight as the Sorceress of the North. A member of the choir, she hopes to pursue her interest in high school dramatics.
Sherri Smith, as Wicked Witch of the West, has Little Women and Oliver to her credit.  A member of the Thespian Troup, her accomplishments include MHS Choir accompaniment.
The Production Staff - Students
Student Director
Anne Bogart
Stage Manager
William James
Assistant Stage Manager
Paul Pavis
Set Design
Betsy McClintock, Sue Sherman
Poster & Program Design
Paula Gruendl
B Period Drama Class
G Period Drama Class
Mark Nemtzow, Pam Dozier, Ken
Lord, Guy Price, Betsy McClintock,
Rick Regen, Joe Marques
Sandi Bonenberger, Debbie Calvin,
Betty Peckham, Pam Nixon, Karen
Emery, Kinda Solomon
Box Office
Marianne Mytinger, Chris
Chapman, Judy Bahnsen
Karen Emery, Bonnie Robinson,
Paula Gruendl, Barbara Ehrlich,
Roberta Faria, Linda Solomon,
Barbara Cleasby, Nancy Coulter
Paula Murray
The Production Staff - Faculty
Mrs. Carol Paton
Mrs. Sara O'Dowd
Business Manager
Joseph Magliocco
Miss Diana DeSantis
Mrs. Bonnie Columpar
Box Office
Mrs. Jill Warren
Robert Sullivan
Design & Graphics
Mrs. Terri Day
Miss Frances Martin
Warren Anthony
Special Consultant
Paul Venancio
Special Thanks to Jim Cometa for sending a complete program for this production!
The Photographs
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Robert Blake, Michael Radkovich,
Kenneth Pierson, Patty Martins
Patty Martins, Debbie Grunstra (Burridge), Susan Spencer, ?
Sherri Smith Mike Radkovich, Kenneth Pierson,
Patty Martins
Patty Martins, Sherri Smith ?
Claire Silvia, Marybeth Ferretti Susan Beachum