The Middletown High School Drama Club

The MHS Drama Club web site has been developed and built by Kevin Zahm ('82). I began working with the Drama Club at MHS in the spring of 1980 (as a musician for The Pajama Game). I maintained my participation through my friendship with Jim Ascoli, the faculty advisor. After earning my engineering and teaching degrees (URI '88) I applied for jobs all over the state and New England (and Oregon and the US Virgin Islands; why not?), but the best offer came from MHS.

Since being hired as a science teacher for the 1990-91 school year, I have continued my participation with MHS Drama. I have directed several plays (see the main list) and continued to work on the technical side of every show. This web page began in 1995 or so as a way of keeping track of the shows I had been involved with, but has evolved into a much more interesting archaeology project for me.

I have received many interesting and surprised e-mails over the past few years, and a lot of really helpful information. Here are the names of as many people as I can remember or of which I can find record. If you can help, please get your name added to this list!










Claire (Silvia) Pimentel ('70) Bill Murphy ('64)
Clyde Musgrave ('65) - Don Booth (RHS '88)
Jackie (Maurais) Putier ('84) Tom Erb ('73)
Jim Ascoli Debbie Hope ('71)
Len Deangelis Rob Reimer (the younger)
Steve Fagan ('69) Diane (Tonnes) McNamara ('64)
Bernie Fagan ('71) Jack Regan (Principal 1986-2002)
Jim Cometa Janet (Kelly) McCarthy ('67)
Celine Maurais ('76) Mary Anne Poulin ('72)
Sue Brown ('76) Eileen (Horgan) & Tony Harris ('90)
Celia (Casey) Brown ('85) Dana Cooley ('64)
Joe Ferreira ('82) KF ('65)
Dale Sagamang ('85) James Griffin ('65) & his wife Chandra
  Michael Day
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