The Middletown High School Drama Club
or The Wizard Revisited
based on movie, "The Wizard of Oz", which was
based on the book "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" by Frank Baum
performed March 1990
Directed by Jeanette Lee Knapp

The Cast
Eileen Horgan 
Greg Rosenberg 
Mother Nature
Sarah Allen, Alice Day 
Sun, Yellow Brick Road, Wind
Rebecca Woythaler 
Guard Dog
Tony Harris 
Mat Mello 
Sean Wheeler 
Ruby Alvarado, Lori Kobayashi,
Christina Braga 
Adam Harwood 
Formidia 2
Christine Sporleder 
Drone Chorus
Scott Adams, Simeon Fitch, Dawn Gabriel, Jen Moniz, Ken Prochner, Diana Saunders, Adrienne Tremblay, Amy Wilson
The Crew
Stage Manager
Nick Wisdom
Catherine & Elizabth Giuliano,
Chyana Lacey, Jayna Stafford
Production Crew
Anna Fitch, Chyana Lacey
Erik Felton, Stuart Plymesser
Marie Vincent
Dan Brewer, Rob Byron, Kim
Holland, Kevin Monroe, Adam
Sullins, Darleen Viloria
The theme song for curiOZity was written by Kevin Zahm and Kevin Monroe, with words by the cast.  A demo was recorded by etruscan loveletters.  To hear it, click here.
curiOZity was a performance developed by the theater class of the 1989-90 school year in conjunction with Jeanette Lee Knaap, who was teaching English at MHS at the time.  We brought the piece to the Rhode Island Theater Competition, where it was widely applauded and inarticulately panned.  Many alternate titles were considered before choosing curiOzity.
From The Program - "Our OZ is not a world of munchkins and witches - it is rather a world of drones and technical demons.  The rainbow has been absorbed; it is embodied by the citizend of OZ.  They are all, in fact, neatly color-coded!  They are the primary colors, divided and organized - framed by the deities of this world.  The good witch, the wicked witch and their two sisters, however, have undergone a metamorphosis in our story.  They represent the spectrum of science from machines to nature - from the unified presence of all color (white) to the stark absence of any color (black).  The sun, steady, everpresent, warms this otherwis cold society.  She represents the greatest good.  Through her, Dorothy sees the light!  Next in line is Mother (Human) Nature.  In this truly mechanized world, human nature (the earth-person in all of us!) stands alone.  The actresses are the yin and the yang, the harmony of sound that represents the confused voice of the human spirit.  On the flip side, we have the evil Formidia sisters, 1 and 2.  Formidia 2 is Dorothy's foe.  She is all the technical wizardry and power of an advanced human society minus the humanity.  She is still a woman, but she is empowered by electricity and powers the mdeia.  Formidia the First, all machine, is destroyed by the overwhelming curiosity of Dorothy when she crosses "the fourth wall."  If you look closely at this alternate, fantasial society, for all its powers and witches and oddity, you might - just might - see a familiar face (or two) looking back at you!  Welcome to OZ!"  - JLK

seated:  J. Ascoli, Ken, Amy, Eileen, J. Knapp, Simeon, Alice, Sarah, Rebecca
kneeling: Nick, Adrienne, Dawn, Tony, Sean, Scott, Christine, Adam
standing: Darleen, Diana, ?, Jen, Greg, Anna, Mat, K. Zahm

Performed with The Beauty of Science
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