The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Good Doctor
by Neil Simon, adapted from Anton Chekhov
performed December 6 & 7, 2019
directed by Kevin Zahm

The Writer
Mitchell G

The Sneeze
Jack H, CJ George, Kenzie L, Kaelyn Sexton,

The Governess
Lexi Freeman, Obadiah Brooks

The Surgery
Caitlyn Benway, Sara Lombardi

The Seduction
Marley Dupre, Abby Maguire, Mia Braun

The Drowned Man
Nate Benard, Sara Lombardi, Danielle F (), Yuton Zhang ()

The Audition
Mitchell G, Mia Braun

A Defenseless Creature
Grace Haskell, Alexis Cook, Eliana Kloewer

The Teacher
Nate Benard, Jacqueline Smith, Yuton Zhang,
Danielle Folger, Kate McNay, Grace Haskell

The Writer
Mitchell G

Directors Assistance Jacqueline Zahm, Caroline McNamara, Stephanie Deane
Stage Manager Emma Kalif
Lights Amy F
Crew Manager Shannon G
Set Construction Rowan Colleran, Shannon G, Christian G, Eliana Kloewer, Keegan James, Kaelyn Sexton, Alexa W
Set Crew Caitlin B, Rowan C, Shannon G, Christian G, James Keegan, Shannon M, Bethany R, Mackenzie T, Madison Tynes, Alexa W
Set Painting Shannon G, Shannon M, Bethany R, Kaelyn S
Poster Rowan Calloran
House Managers  
Snack Wranglers  
 Pictures to come, but here's a "Trailer" from KL