The Middletown High School Drama Club
with the Rogers High School Theater Troupe
proudly present
conceived by John-Michael Tebelah
music & new lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
performed May 3 & 4, 2019

[If your name only has a last initial, please see me for a permission slip!]

The Cast
Ryan Collum
Judas/John the Baptist
Mia Stevenson
The Ensemble

Mia Braun, Caitlyn Benway, Josephine Carwile-Ridnour, Maggie Coen, Ellie Coen, Georgie Fleming, Stella Garcia, Jack H, Grace Haskell, Alita Kuiee, Rachel K, Sara Lombardi, Elana Lahoud, Meghan Leddy, Angelina Leavitt, Angelina McCartney, Noah Manuel, Trixie McGowan, Julia McGinn, Bridgit McNamara, Mariela Minino, Abi Mosher, Jalil Neal, Hailey Pelletier, Kaelyn S, Libby Sherr, Christine Sicilian, Deonna S, Jonathan Tejeda

The Songs
Prologue/Tower of Babel Josephine Carwile-Ridnour, Deonna S, Karl Magner, Maggie Coen, Angelina McCartney, Steve Ferris, Bill Kimes, Georgie Fleming
Prepare Ye Mia Stevenson
God Save the People Ryan Collum
Day by Day Julia McGinn
Learn Your Lessons Well Noah Manuel
O Bless the Lord My Sould Grace Haskell
All for the Best Ryan Collum & Mia Stevenson
All Good Gifts Angelina McCartney, Meghan Leddy, & Julia McGinn
Light of the World Mia Braun & Sara Lombardi, Alita Kuiee & Bridgit McNamara, Jack H & Deonna S & Caitlyn Benway
Act II  
Learn Your Lessons Well (reprise) Noah Manual & Ryan Collum
Turn Back, O Man Angelina Leavitt
Alas for Your Ryan Collum
By My Side Grace Haskell & Noah Manuel
We Beseech The Christine Sicilian
On the Willows Elana Lahoud, Grace Haskell, Ryan Collum
Finale Ryan Collum, Julia McGinn & Ensemble
Bows Company
The Musicians
Musical Director & Bass Dominic Petze
Piano Jeremy Kindsvatter
Bass & Banjo Kevin Zahm
Guitar Mike Kerins
Drums Rob Perry
The Crew
Zoe Michalopoulos, Julia McGinn, Rachel Collum, Abi Mosher, Stella Garcia, Ryan Collum, & Meaghan Corr
Set Design & Painting
Cailin Martin
Backstage Crew
Bobby Zeller, Jayda Richardson, joseph Frederick
Samuel Lewis
Light Tech
George Leary
Peter Corr (RHS), Dominic Petze (RHS),
Kevin Zahm (MHS)


Pictures and Video
Mrs. Lomabardi's awesome collection of pictures and video
Coverage in the Newport Daily News May 1, 2019
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