The Middletown High School Drama Club and
The Rogers High School Theater Company

jointly present

The Drowsy Chaperone
Music & Lyrics by Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison
Book by Bob Martin & Don McKellar
directed by Peter Corr, Meaghan Corr, Sara Sconyers, and Kevin Zahm
performed May 12 & 13, 2017

The Cast
Man in Chair
Ben Valle
Mrs. Tottendale
Ally Ainsleigh
Underling Angelina Leavitt
Robert Martin Ryan Collum
George (Best Man) Elijah Swain
Feldzieg (Producer) Sebastian Guzman
Mathilde Tash



Dan O’Donnell
Maureen Hogan
Christine Sicilian
Jimmy Adams
Janet van der Graaf
Mariah Haskell
The Drowsy Chaperone Mollie Sconyers
Trix (the Aviatrix) Mia Stevenson
Superintendent Emily MacDonald
Ensemble Katherine Akers, Molly Andrade, Kiley Atkins, Naiara Camilo, Josephine Carwile-Ridnour, Jillyan Frederick, Cailin Martin, AngelinaMcCartney, Julia McGinn, Abigail Mosher, Glory Schroeder, Benson Thach
Guest Underling Stephen Ferris

The Band
Musical Director Dominic Petze
Piano Jeremy Kindvetter
Bass Forrest Ficke
Drums Shaleigh Brooks
Clarinet, Saxophone Scott McEneaney
Flute Lauren Bertsch
Clarinet Jamie Springett
The Crew
Choreography Meaghan Corr
Choreographer’s Assistant Rachel Collum
Costumes Sara Sconyers
Rehearsal Pianist Jim Ascoli
Set Decoration Fiona Chlebecek, Rebecca D,
Renee Lewis, Cailin Martin
Dance Captains Julia McGinn, Abigail Mosher
Sound Effects Kaitlyn Savage
Sound Board Kevin Zahm, Sam Lewis
Advisors Pete Corr (Newport)
Kevin Zahm (Middletown)

Special Thanks to...
Brian Ferreira and the NACTC Carpentry Program
Steven Kalble and the NACTC Culinary Program
Krista Haskell
Erin Kenney


Front: Dan, Glory, Katherine, Mariah, Kiley, Elijah, Christine, Dan, Jillyan, Jimmy
Middle: Emily, Naiara, Julia, Angelina, Sebastian, Mia, Abbey, Cailin, Maureen, Benson, Molly, Ally, Mathilde
Way Back: Ryan, Mr. Corr


Our Cast (or at least, most of it)
Mathilde, Mollie, Mariah, Christine, Ryan, Ally, Abigail, Angelina L, Katherine, Kiley
Benson, Josephine, Molly, Angeline M, Naiara, Mia, Glory, Jimmy, Emily, Cailin, Julia, Ben, Maureen


Front: Mariah, Maureen, Christine
Back: Glory, Benson, Josephine, Cailin, Mia


The Help: Glory, Josephine, Kiley, Katherine, with Jillyan in front


The Middletown Seniors: Kiley, Ben, Honorary Emily, Dan, Molly, Maureen, Benson


Our stage tech: Fiona, Renee, and Rebecca


Mariah and Mollie


Ryan, enjoying the view




Underling and Tottendale




Sebastian, Mathilde, and the Ensemble


Ryan, Mariah, Elijah, Jimmy, and Molly (and Naiara)






Jimmy and Mollie


Mollie and Jimmy


Dan and the Ensemble


Finale: Ensemble with Mia


Benson and Emily


Benson and Maureen


Benson & Maureen


Angelina, Kiley, Katherone, and Gillian, with Mollie "looking on"


Ally & Mathilde


Angelina & Elijah




Benson and Mia


Benson and Abbey, whith Mr. Corr photobombing


Dan & Angelina


Sebastian and Maureen


Molly and Maureen


Maureen, in a reflective mood


Mathilde, with admirers


Mollie and Mathilde




Elijah and Mia


Christine and Emily


Cailin and Josephine




Benson, Sebastian, and Angelina






Emily, Elijah, Angelina


Dan, having a low self-esteem moment


Alastair Cook, er, Jack Corr








Glory, Kiley, Katherine, Mia, Emily


Mr. Corr


Sara Sconyers, with Mollie and Mathilde "in the background"


Merri Keller took a million beautiful pictures (ok, about 550, but still).  Check them out here, and buy your favorite!