The Middletown High School Drama Club

Our Town
by Thornton Wilder
directed by Kevin Zahm
performed May 6 & 7, 2016

The Cast
Stage Manager
Alli Brozusky,
Bailey Stearns,
Muriel Urquhart
Dr. Gibbs
Matt Gormally
Emily Webb
Lily Ferreira
George Gibbs
Jimmy Adams
Mrs. Gibbs
Mariah Haskell
Mrs. Myrtle Webb
Maureen Hogan
Mr. Webb
Will Ford
Rebecca Gibbs
Grace Haskell
Wally Webb
Henry Putier
Howie Newsome
Peter Piazza
Professor Willard
Maggie LeRoy
Joe Crowell Hunter Atkins
Woman in the Balcony
Kiley Atkins
Man in the Auditorium
DaShawn Jones
Lady in the Box
Kaitlyn Savage
Simone Stimson
Emily MacDonald
Mrs. Luella Soames
Julia Hugard
Constable Warren
Maggie Shea
Si Crowell
Aidan Simmons
Baseball Players
Abby Greene, Kiley Atkins, Sophia Boiani
Sam Craig
Benson Thach
Joan Stoddard
Kaitlyn Savage
Dead Person #1
Sem Mathis
Dead Person #2 Kiley Atkins
The Crew
Stage Manager Hannah Bedard
Sound Elijah Swain
Lighting Heather Bertel, Noah Houghton
Stage Fiona Chlebecek, Renee Lewis
House Managers Taylor Moss, Renee Lewis, Fiona Chlebecek
Poster Benson Thach

 "Potato Weather for sure!" - to me, that says "Potatonado"!

Our Cast
Front: Nat, Aiden, Henry, Julia, Mariah, Sem
Second row: Sophia, Jimmy, Grace, Abby
Third row: Kiley, Lily, Maggie S, Kaitlyn, Muriel, Ally, Maureen, Emily, Bailey
Back: Will, Peter, Matt, Hunter, Maggie L, DaShawn, Benson

Our beautiful set.

Benson's beautiful poster.

The Stage Managers: (Ally, Muriel, Bailey)

The Webbs: Wally, Mister, Emily, Mrs.
The Gibbs: Mrs. & Mr.  then  Rebecca & George

The Heart of the Play: Emily & George

Simone Stimson, choir director

The most interesting people in town, from the cemetery Mrs. Soames, Professor Willard,
(Sem), Mrs. Gibbs, Wally Webb, (Kiley), Simone Stimson, (Aiden)

Joan Stoddard & Sam Craig

Maggie  & Julia

Emily & Maureen

The baseball team: Sophia, Abby, Kiley

Muriel, Maggie L, Hunter, Abby

Nat, Benson, Hunter, Maggie S

Kaitlyn, Kiley, Sem

Benson & Lily

Will & Matt - up to something?

Muriel & Benson

Matt, Maggie L(?), and Noah. 
There seems to be some problem with the blocking.

Sophia watches Elijah put make-up on Peter.

Ally, paying no attention to Abby and Nat.

Matt & Benson

Maureen & Hunter

Hunter & Emily

Grace & Peter

Emily & Peter

Bailey & Peter

Sem, Peter, and Julia

Peter & Ally
(you're pretty popular Peter!)
Unkown actress, and not Peter.

Our Seniors
Hannah (also our actual stage manager), Sophia Boiani, Lily Ferreira, Julia Hugard,
Muriel Urquhart, Hunter Atkins, Matt Gormally