The Middletown High School Drama Club
May the Farce Be With You
A Comedy by David Rogers
directed by Kevin Zahm
Performed December 4 & 5 2015

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The Cast
Brilla Alyx Curtain-Erickson
Sparkle Grace Haskell
Gleama Jackie Hutchinson
Byron Ceps Aiden Costa
Terry Secra Bailey Stearns
Vera Strong Mariah Haskell
Miss MacDonald Hannah Bedard
Miss Broom Lily Ferreira
Star Raider Matt Gormally
Nerd Kiley Atkins
YUKD Kiley's sock
KP3 Benson Thach
AcroBatman Jimmy Adams
Albatross Nat Currrey
H2O Girl Julia Hugard
Astarte Taylor Moss
Tapeman Peter Piazza
Miss Invisowrap Lauren Bertsch
Electroman Hunter Atkins
Keexie Lisp Jamie Springett
Gadzooks! Isak Sigbjornssen
Lt. Bullhorn Emily MacDonald
Frenchie Cuisine Ryan Shaw
Mrs. Onaze Abby G
Pointers Henry Putier, Katelyn Savage
Kitchen Staff Aidan Simmons, Lexie Lewis

The Crew
Stage Manager/Prompter Kaitlyn Savage
Crew Manager Fiona Chlebecek
Stage Crew Fiona Chlebecek, Maggie Shea
Costumes Taylor Moss, Pearl Emerson, Julia Rodrigues
Lighting Heather Bertel
Sound Baron Bacon, Jacob Kent, Elijah Swain
Set Construction & Painting Fiona Chlebecek, Renee Lewis, Jacob Kent,
Maggie Shea, Elijah Swain, Mariah Haskell,
Peter Piazza, Julia R, Julia Hutchinson

House Managers Ally Brozuski, Hannah Gibbison (Friday)
Teddy Thibeault, Jack Violet, Fiona Chlebecek,  (Saturday)
The Pictures
full cast
Back: Kiley, Ryan, Aidan, Hunter, Lauren, Peter, Jamie, Isak, Hannah, Bailey, Matt, Benson, Lexie, Abby
: Emily, Aidan, Grace, Alyx, Jackie
: Henry, Kaitlyn, Mariah, Lily, Nat, Taylor, Julia, Jimmy

The Spa Staff & Civilans
Bella & Frenchie Cuisine, Lt. Bullhorn, Mrs. & May Onaze, Recap Pointers

The E.I.E.I.O.
: H2O Girl, Gadzooks, Albatross
Back: ElectroMan, Astarte, Gadzooks, ,Miss Invisowrap, TapeMan, AcroBatman

Spa Staff
The Spa Staff:  Byron, Sparkle, Brilla, Gleama, Ms. Broom, Miss MacDonald, Terry, Bella, May, Vera

AcroBatman and his trusty sidekick Albatross!
Astarte and H2O Girl
SUPER Terrific Trio
ElectroMan, Miss InvisoWrap, and TapeMan
Gadzooks! and Keexie Lithp
Super Villains
Nerd & Yuck, Miss Broom, KP3, and Star Raider
Miss Broom, Miss MacDonald, and Miss Secra
Gleama, Brilla, and Sparkle, not sure what "Room Service" means
Electroman threatens Deprava
Lt. Bullhorn interrogates Lance Fortescue
Star Raider!
Super Brain & Wizard Women
Terrific Trio
The Terrific Trio (the good ones)
Lt. Bullhorn, H2O Girl, Hyra Glyffix, and Frenchie Cuisine figure things out
Star Raider had a blow dryer!
Frenchie Cuizine and Ma Onaze wait for news
Tech Crew
Tech: Fiona, Heather, Maggie, Jacob, Elijah, Baron
Fiona paints
Fiona paints
Sound crew
(Baron), Elijah, and Jacob enjoy rehearsal

Emily fills in.

The Videos
"Star Raider!  We should have known!"
"Let's recap..."


The Casuals


Julia and Mariah look doubtful


Henry and Grace, waiting for an entrance.
Pearl teaches Henry how to play "spit"

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