The Middletown High School Drama Club
Adapted for the stage by Romulus Linney
directed by Kevin Zahm
Performed December 6 & 7, 2013

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The Cast
Voice/Marley Celia Costello
Ebenezer Scrooge John Cunha
Bob Cratchitt DJ Patron
Felicity (Scrooge's Neice) Alexis Smith
Two Gentlewomen Elsa Balles, Michaela Mahony
Child (Caroler) Rebekah High
Kheldhe Bourque
Caroline's Husband Jake Bass
The Ghost of Christmas Past Clara Maurer
Children at the Crossroads Ashley Acevedo, Sophie Boiani
Boy Ebenezer
Nat Currey
Fan (Ebenezer's sister) Jamie Springett
Michael Hanlon
Mr. Fezziwig Michael Hanlon
Young Ebenezer Matt Gormally
Mrs. Fezziwig Emily Hook
Belle Emily Alves
Fezziwig's three Daughthers Allegra Borges, Telli Quinn, Julia Hugard
Their three Suitors Jake Bass, Max Regine, John Baldesmo
The Ghost of Christmas Present Bailey Stearns
Mrs. Cratchitt Telli Quinn
Patricia Cratchitt Maggie Kerins
Belinda Cratchitt Elsa Balles
Gillian Cratchitt Page Goter
Miranda Cratchitt Isabella Marshall
Martha Cratchitt Heather Bertel
Tiny Tim Cratchitt Nat Currey
James, Felicity's husband Hunter Atkins
Lucy, James' sister Madi Thompson
Topper, Lucy's friend Jake Bass
Ignorance Nat Currey
Want Rebekah High
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Madi Barlow
Three Businessmen Ashley Acevedo, Michaela Mahony, Max Regine
Old Joe Jake Bass
Charwoman Aleya Daily
Undertaker's Woman Sophia Boiani
Laundress Allegra Borges
The Crew
Stage Manager/Prompter Kristin Synnott
Stage Crew Peter Piazza, Phasuai Petrowski, Page Burton, Kiley Atkins, Kaitlyn Savage, Emily Westcott, Lexi Simard, Lillie Souvannavong
Lighting Dan Huet
Spotlight Rebecca Wang
Sound Shannon Hugard, with assistance
from Noah Houghton
Choreography Emily Alves
House Managers Lauren Black, Alek Gardner, Kiley Atkins
The Pictures
The Cast
The Crew

Scrooge & The Ghosts
(A good name for a band!)

The Cratchitts
Young Scrooge & Belle
Topper, Lucy, James, and Denise (The Neice)
Caroline & her Husband
Two Charitable Gentlemen

Our House Managers
Spotlight Operator
Thank you for covering, John
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