The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Man Who Came to Dinner
by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
directed by Kevin Zahm
performed May 4 & 5, 2012

The Cast
Mrs. Stanley Becky Costello
Miss Preen Celia Costello
Richard Stanley Shannon Gallagher
June Stanley Shannon Hugard
Jane Maggie Kerins
Sarah (the cook) Elsa Balles
Mrs. Dexter Telli Quinn
Mrs. McCutcheon Emily Hook
Mr. Stanley Dan Bertel
Maggie Cutler Madi Barlow
Dr. Bradley Michaela Conley
Sheriden Whiteside Pat Lombardi
Harriet Stanley Lily Moy
Bert Jefferson John Cunha
Professor Metz Clara Maurer
"Luncheon Guests" Marcos Dixon, Michael Violet, Sage Salvo
Ms. Baker (the guard) Aleya Daily
Express[wo]man Telli Quinn
Lorraine Sheldon Ella Miller
Sandy Josh Suazo
Beverly Carlton Gunnar Rice
Westcott Emily Westcott
Radio Technician Sage Salvo
Banjo Anthony "Frodo" Cox
Deputy Aleya Daily
The Crew
Stage Manager Lydia Burns
Costumes Emily Westcott & Tyler Maitland
Properties Emily Westcott & Tyler Maitland
Lighting Kristen Maliszewski
Sound Scotch-Tape Travers, Sophie Rigby, Hailey Van Steeden
Poster Telli Quinn
Program Cover Teresa Parham
Sarcophagus Bruce and Joe Burns
Set Crew Lydia Burns, Jackie Cressman, Kristen Maliszewski, Amanda Menard, Caroline Tucker, Irene Bendetto, Sarah Sabatino, Jordan Glenning, Sophia Rigby, Kristin Sinnott
Publicity Carolyn Hugard
House Manager Emelia Wilkinson, Miles Gallagher, Evan Withers
The Press Release
The MHS Drama Club will be performing The Man Who Came To Dinner this weekend. This cast and audience favorite revolves around Sheridan Whiteside, a famous egotistic meddler, who injures himself on the front steps of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Stanley of Mesalia, Ohio. His disruptive - and hilarious! - presence turns the lives of the family and his inner circle upside-down, and only sillier trickery can set things right.

C. Patrick Lombardi makes his stage debut as the opinionated, wheelchair-bound Mr. Whiteside, and Madi Barlow plays his trusted personal assistant. Dan Bertel, Rebecca Costello, Shannon Gallagher and Shannon Hugard play the family he "visits." John Cunha plays local reporter Bert Jefferson, Anthony F. Cox is the prankster friend who gets involved late in the game, and Ella Miller is the famous and beautiful actress who knows how to get what she wants.

In addition, Michaela Conley plays the well-meaning local doctor, Lily Moy is the possibly crazy sister, Clara Maurer is a friendly mad scientist, Josh Suazo is a complicating love interest, Maggie Kerins keeps the house running, and Gunnar Rice is a suave British Actor. Elsa Balles, Telli Quinn, Aleya Daley, Emily Hook, Sage Salvo, Marcos Dixon, and Michael Violet round out the cast, while Emily Westcott steps out from the technical Crew to play Westcott, the radio technician.

Come see how penguins, cockroaches, convicts, and a mummy play into this situation on May 4 and 5 at 8:00 PM in the MHS Cafeteria. Tickets are five dollars at the door.

The Pictures

Sheriden Whiteside: American Icon
C Patrick Lombardi: American Icon

All pictures below copyright 2012 by Carmella Geer. Please contact her directly for permissions.
Additional pictures are available from MegMac Photography.
That will be five dollars please...
Dan, Emily, and Telli
Shannon and Aleya

Clara and Maggie
Somewhere, someone just mentioned "1-D"
Shannon and Shannon, as Richard and June,
decided to employ some method acting.
Back row: Dan, Josh, Michaela, Gunnar, Shannon, Becky, Celia, Anthony, Michael
Middle row: Aleyah (wearing the hat), Shannon, Telli, Clara, Maggie, Lily, Sage, Elsa, Ella
Front row (holding Pat): Emily, Madi, John, Emily, Marcos
Pat: Pat
Sarah (the cook): I'll make some breakfast!
Daisy Stanley listens as Mrs. McCutcheon reads to her and Mrs. Dexter: "Portly Sheriden Whiteside..."
Miss Preen wheels Whiteside out at Dr. Bradley's command.
"Bring out our little patient, Miss Preen!"
Whiteside meets Harriet. "Good heavens!"
Maggie tells Bert Jefferson to leave.
Miss Preen looks out for Whiteside's best interests:
"Oh no, Mr. Whiteside, you mustn't eat candy. It's very bad for you!"
The incomparable Metz.
Michaelson and Baker look on as Henderson, the Salad fiend (middle), considers his options for lunch. "Mmm, yes sir!"
Jane and Whiteside watch the Stanleys leave.
Whiteside tries one of Sarah's special treats,
with "some absinthe in the dough."
Richard and June consider their night out.
Maggie and Bert consider their night out.

Miss Preen quits, to find work in a munitions factory.
The penguins are delivered. "They had Coca-Cola at 7 AM this morning and they liked it!"
Sandy really likes June!
Lorraine: "Do I look a wreck?"
Dear sweet Beverly Carlton greets his old friend Maggie.
Beverly imitates Lord Cedric: "S-s-s-six partridges, f-f-f-four groose, and the D-d-d-duke of Sutherland. Ripping. HAW!"
Westcott prepares for the broadcast. "Have you a carbon of the broadcast? One of those penguins ate the original!"
Lorraine works her magic.

A radio technician, slightly star-struck.
Maggie's plans unravel.
"Why would Beverly, or anyone else for that matter...?"
Lorraine gloats to Maggie, while Bert nods, and smiles.
Mr. Stanley has "taken some boxing lessons."
"That brassiere was once worn by Lady Ga-Ga!"
"Say, we've got to think fast!"
"Here's a little something for your troubles, officer."
Lorraine arrives for Christmas.
"Merry Christmas, from the Khedive of Egypt!"
"When I think of Pompeii, I could just cry!"
"All those people, all those lives!"
"Careful with that, boys, it contains an antique!"
"Goodbye, Jefferson, you'll never know the trouble you've caused!"
They deserve to be proud!

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