The Middletown High School Drama Club

David And Lisa

by James Reach,
adapted from the book by Theodore Isaac Rubin
and the screenplay by Eleanor Perry
directed by Kevin Zahm
Performed May 7& 8, 2010
Performed by special arrangement with Samuel French.

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The Cast
David Clemens Jack Broderick
Mrs. Clemens Marnie Murray
Porter Kylie Sjoblom
Secretary Kelly Dennis
Dr. Alan Swinford Ryan Leys
Maureen Hart  Julia Chille
Josette Claire Serenska
Carlos Anthony "Frodo" Cox
Sandra Julia Lapham
Simon Drew Barrett
Kate Ella Miller
Lisa Jane Serenska
Barbara Kate Bosch
Roberta Katie Skelly
Ben Fred Steinhauer
John Jon Casey
Mr. Clemens Jon Casey
Girl Carley Shugart
Woman Emily Daughan
First Boy Anthony "Frodo" Cox
Second Boy Fred Steinhauer
The Crew
Stage Manager
DJ Connerton
Lizzy Callas
James Maurer
Albert Walker
Kate Bosch, Tyler Maitland
Stage Crew
Loreto Cerda
Tommy Coogan
Set Construction
Patrick Fogerty, Mersina Simanski
House Managers
Pat Fogerty and Mersina Simanski (Friday)
Zoe Simanski and Riley Smith (Saturday)
Snack Wranglers
Izzy Macomber, Declan McManus,
Molly Hawes, Jon Barruetabena
The Pictures
This is our poster image. Thank you Jordan Gilletti for helping me make the background transparent!
back: Marnie, Kate, Ryan, Claire, Kelly, Jon, Julia L, Carley, Kylie, Fred, Frodo, Drew.
front: Jack, Julia, Ella, Jane, Emily, Katie
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