The Middletown High School Drama Club
Just Another High School Play
By Bryan Starchman
Directed by Kate Bosch & Marnie Murray
performed December 4 & 5, 2009
Announcer Jack Broderick
Assistant Director Ryan Leys
Stage Manager Joanna Grocott
Stagehand Rachel Schwemin
Narrator Nicole Walker
Male Thespian Dan Nevitt
Female Thespian Stephanie Tierno
Tom Eric Day
Carrie Loreto Cerda
Audience "Plant" Brittany Booher 
Hamlet Julia Chille
Barkeep Laureen O'Connor
Bar extras Kelly Dennis, Rachel Schwemin, Claire Serenska, Desiree Williford 
Christopher Marlowe Jane Serenska
William Shakespeare Julia Chille
Grad Student Brittany Booher
Female "Lead" Desiree Williford
Male "Lead" Shawn Geary
Extra Actor Emily Galvin
Meg Katie Skelly
Jo Loreto Cerda
Beth Rachel Franklin
Amy Rachel Schwemin
Male Meg Dan Nevitt
Male Jo Jon Casey
Male Beth Connor Broderick
Male Amy Shawn Geary
Ghost Claire Serenska
Scrooge Kelly Dennis
Tiny Tim Jon Casey
George Jon Casey
Emily Brittany Booher
Tom Jones Ryan Leys
David Copperfield Claire Serenska
Romeo Connor Broderick
Juliet Katie Skelly
Puppeteer Kat Brughelli
Carrie Loreto Cerda
Tom Eric Day
Noel Julia Lapham
Tina Mary Reis
Logan Carly Shugart
Craig Justice Miller
Muy Guapo Himself, naturalmente 

Student Directors Kate Bosch & Marnie Murray
Lighting James Maurer
Spot Light Drew Barrett
Sound Lizzy Callas 
Properties Shaylah Morse, Karel Dimalanta
Costumes Tyler Maitland, Anastasia Miller
Stage Crew Deejay Connerton, Tommy Coogan, Spenser Bosch, Kate Bosch,
Poster Shayla Morse
House Managers Marnie Murray, Morgan Sullivan

Producer's Notes

The MHS Drama Club has developed a slight tradition in the past couple of years in which students – usually seniors – try their hand at directing a play. As a drama club in a high school, this only makes sense, since we have the dual goals of producing the best plays possible and helping students learn about themselves and the many aspects of the theater.

This particular play was discovered and suggested by our two directors. It’s very entertaining and very silly, and cheerfully strikes close to home. Sure, students wait until the last possible moment to learn their lines, and facts that seem obvious to many of the parents in attendance may be happily short-circuited in the teenager’s mind (Tybalt is Tigger? Seymour the Carnivorous Space Plant is the Cookie Monster? Why not?). For our cast, part of the fun – and challenge – of this show has been trying to understand all of the different theatrical and cultural references scattered through it.

So, please enjoy this adventure, and keep in mind that everyone involved knows the show is fiction, and this fiction is based on truth, and everyone likes looking in a mirror and winking now and then, if you know what I mean.

¡Gracias por atender!
"Muy Guapo"

Shalya's Poster!

"What’s the Drama?"
The show must go on! It’s a new school year which means another year of exciting performances put on by the one and only Middletown High School drama club. Past years have brought exciting plays and performances such as “The Sound of Music”, but what is there to expect for this year to come?

This year there are two new directors in charge of providing MHS with fun-fill plays performed by the student body and they are Marnie Murray and Kate Bosch. When asked about what to expect this year out of the MHS drama club that will make it different from every other year, Marnie and Kate were both very excited to respond.
“We have a really fun show this year. Our directing style is different from Mr. Zahm” replied Marnie Murray.
Kate Bosch added, “Because we go to school with the other members of the drama club they have a hard time taking direction from us, but at the same time, we can all relate to each other”.

Seems like this year will be pretty intense with all the changes that are going to be made to the drama club and the way its run. Every year there are always big stars in the performances, people that repeatedly receive the leading roles in the play. Previous years big stars includes Kevin Cruz and Tia Meneses.

With these new stars on the rise, this year’s plays should be ones to remember. It being October now, the drama club’s first play should be taking place very soon. The anticipation of what the play is about and when it will be performed is almost too much to bear.

Joanna Grocott gives the inside scoop on the upcoming performance, “it is called ‘Just Another High School Play’ and will be performed December fourth and fifth at seven o’clock.”

The upcoming play is about a group of high school students who are abandoned by their director. Left with no direction, the students turn to improvisation to fulfill their acting desires. Sounds like this play will be packed with hilarious moments.

What a year this is going to be with so many new things to come. Kate Bosch and Marnie Murray as new directors, Joanna Grocott and Ryan Leys holding the leading roles, and a play about a group of abandoned teenagers.

A lot of new changes and big things to come are being made this year and who knows what the future for the drama club will hold. With such big hopes and expectations, this will definitely be a year to remember for the Middletown High School drama club.

(by Cristee Budlong, from the School Newspaper "The Wave" 2009 Issue #1)


The cast!
Little Women and, errr, Little Men?
Anastasia and Connor,
lending us a VERY valuable hand!
Acting can be such a drag...
A natural!
Very enthusiastic for tech.
Very calmly serious for tech.
More tech. Believe it or not, there's no carbon monoxide leak.