The Middletown High School Drama Club
Adapted for the stage by Paul Sills
directed by Kevin Zahm
Performed December 15 & 16, 2006
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The Cast
Chorus Tia Meneses
Chorus two Kate Bosch
Chorus three Kelly Fullerton
Chorus four Samantha Oard
Chorus five Marnie Murray
Scrooge Stephen Thompson
Bob Cratchit
Nathan Putier
Fred Connor Broderick
Singing Boy Amanda Clauson, Margaret
Maurer, Brittney Peterson
Marley/Flame Aaron Weininger
Spirits Margaret Maurer, Amanda
Clauson, Brittney Peterson
Christmas Past
Jordan Gilletti
Young Scrooge Kevin Cruz
Three Musketeers Margaret Maurer, Amanda
Clauson, Ryan S
Girl (Sister Fan) Amanda Wylly
Schoolmaster Christian Sullivan
Jay Grocott
Post Boy Amanda Clauson
Driver Margaret Maurer
Fezziwig Josh Sheely
Ebenezer (Young Scrooge) Kevin Cruz
Rick Wilkins Zach Lorusso
Fiddler Sarah Hirsch
Mrs. Fezziwig
Cailin Fogerty
Daughter(s) ("Misses Fezziwigs") Chelsea B,
Liz Dore
Daughter's courter ("Youth")
Kevin Valente
Maid Joanna Grocott
Baker Amanda Clauson
Child in Town Ryan S
Cook Caite Phillips
Milkman Brittney Peterson
Boy (Fezziwig's neighbor) Spencer Baer
Girl (Fezziwig's neighbor) Laureen O'Connor
Erin Larcom
Christmas Present Kevin Cruz
Children Joanna Grocott, Jay Grocott,
Margaret Maurer, Samantha Oard
Poulterer Brittney Peterson
Fruiterer Amanda Clauson
Demure Girl
Brianna Walker
Mrs. Cratchit Molly Tracy
Belinda Cratchit Kim Stokes
Peter Cratchit Taylor Barrett
Boy Cratchit Sam Regan
Girl Cratchit
Amanda Wylly
Martha Cratchit Sarah Hirsch
Tiny Tim John Cunha
Lighthouse Keepers Margaret Maurer, Brittney Peterson
Sailors Margaret Maurer, Brittney Peterson, Amanda Clauson
Fred's Wife Jessica Sweeney
Topper Aaron Weininger
Topper's Girl Tia Meneses
Fred's Friends Kevin Valente, Chelsea Boergesson
Christmas Future Zach Lorusso
Helping Girl Margaret Maurer
Turkey Girl Brittney Peterson
Passersby Ryan S, Amanda Clauson, Margaret Maurer
The Crew
Assistant/Tech Director
Ashley Stokes
Stage Manager/Prompter
Amanda Tracy
Ryan McFarlane
Spotlight Kieran Brughelli
Sound Amanda Tracy
Choreography Chelsea Boergesson, Sarah Hirsch,
Cailing Fogerty, Stephen Thompson
Costumes Kate Bosch, Anastasia Miller
Set Construction Ashley Stokes, Ryan McFarlane, Hannah MacIsaac
Set Painting Ashley Stokes, Anna Bishop, Anastasia Miller, Kevin Cruz, Sarah Hirsch, Ashley Martin
Stage Crew Hannah MacIsaac, Liz Peterson, Bradley Peterson
House Managers Casey Baechtold, Anna Bishop, Amanda Golden
The Pictures
In Front Of The Stage: Ryan, Jessica Sweeney, Cailin Fogerty, Chelsea Boergesson, Caite Phillips.  On The Lip Of The Stage: Joanna Grocott, Marnie Murray, Kelly Fullerton, Kim Stokes, Sarah Hirsch, Briana Walker, Amanda Clauson, Kate Bosch, Samantha Oard, Laureen O'Connor, Spencer Baer.  Kneeling Just Behind The Lip Of The Stage: Tia Meneses, Erin Larcom, Zach Lorusso, Sam Regan, Amanda Wylly, Kevin Cruz, Margaret Maurer, Brittney Peterson, Kevin Valente, Liz Dore, Molly Tracy  Standing In Back Of Everyone Else: John, Connor Broderick, Taylor, Jay Grocott, Aaron Weininger, Stephen Thompson, Jordan Gilletti, Nathan Putier, Christian Sullivan, Josh Sheely
Tech Crew: Mr. Zahm, Hannah, Kieran, Liz, Ryan, Ashley, Amanda, Bradley
Stephen Thompson
The Ghosts
Zach, Jordan, Kevin, and Aaron
Connor, Jessica, Tia; middle: Kim, John, Sam, Amanda, Molly, Sarah, Nathan, Erin; standing way back there: Taylor
Sarah, Caite; middle: Zach, Chelsea, Kevin, Liz, Cailin; back: Spencer, Laureen, Josh
Amanda, Brittney, Margaret
Kate, Marnie, Kelly, Christian, Briana, Joanna, Samantha, Jay, Ryan
Jordan, as the ghost of a dabunette
The Ghosts and Scrooge
at the office Christmas Party
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