The Middletown High School Drama Club
It's A Wonderful Life
A play in two acts
by James W. Rodgers
Based upon the film by Frank Capra
and the story by Philip Van Doren Stern
performed December 3 & 4, 2004
Directed by James Ascoli

The Cast
George Bailey Andy Hernandez
Clarence Odbody, AS-2 Ariel Tobin
Mr. Gower Aaron Weininger
Young George Armand Rugel
Harry Bailey Matt Wilke
Mother Bailey Brenna Kehew
Aunt Tilley Meredith McKee
Violet Peterson Christina Guiterrez
Bert Chris Goulart
Ernie Alex Dana
Uncle Billy Tristan Fessel
Mary Hatch Erin Kilmer
Henry F. Potter John Maurer
Mr. Potter's Goon Cailin Fogerty
Mr. Potter's Secretary
Rebecca Shaull
Mrs. Hatch
Jordan Gilletti
Sam Wainwright
Greg Shaull
Miss Andrews
Erica Frisk
Mrs. Thompson
Amber Ramey
Mr. Martini
Nathan Putier
Mrs. Martini
Staci Glewski
Miss Carter
Sarah Hirsch
Newspaper Boy
Chris B
Pete Bailey
Anthony Geer
Tommy Bailey
Armand Rugel
Zuzu Bailey
Chelsea Boergesson
Mr. Welch
Stephen Thompson
Janie Bailey
Ashley McGuire
The Crew
Stage Manager
Bridgette Blight
Technical Director
Kevin Zahm
Kim McDougall
Ashley Stokes
Stage Crew
Katie Karpovitz, James Kroger,
Albert Wilmot, Austen Wear
Set Painting
Sarah Hirsch, Cailin Fogerty,
Ashley Stokes, Rebecca Shaull,
Staci Glewski, Katie Karpovitz
Ashleigh Steelman
Rebecca Shaull
House Managers
Katy Polnaszek, Tatiana
Rugel, Megan Larcom
Special Thanks

Tom Alose, Master Carpenter
Viking Tuxedo
Jackie Zahm
Leanne Medeiros
Eileen Horgan
Sue Suprock
Mr. Weininger
Mrs. Thompson
Our Custodial Staff

way back: Brenna, Chris, John, Andy, Matt, Erin, Aaron, Greg, Christina.
back: Amber, Erica, Stephen, Ariel, Jordan, Becca, Cailin, X
kneeling: Ashley, Meredith, Tristan
way front: Armand, Anthony, Sarah, Alex,Chelsea, Nathan
Our excellent set - great job Sarah, Cailin, Ashley, Becca, Staci, Katie, and Ashleigh!  We got the idea for our set from a picture we found on-line (check it out - it's beautiful and it seems to be for sale!)