The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Dining Room
by A.R. Gurney
performed May 12 & 13, 2000

Agent & Client
Becky Shepherd, Chris Allen

Arthur & Sally
Justin Bailey, Jen Burger

Father, Annie, Girl, Boy, & Mother
Andrew Gustafson, Gigi Putier, Sarah Snydacker, Ryan Conrad, Kelly Stoos

Howard & Ellie
Mike Carellas, Steph Neves

Carolyn & Grace
Amelia Edward-Corbett, Meghan Sullivan

Michael & Aggie
Mike Carellas, Janelle Arendt

Psychiatrist & Architect
Chris Medeiros, Michael Nugent

Peggy, Ted, & Kids
Becky Shepherd, Andrew Gustafson, Amelia Edward-Corbett,
Justin Bailey, Kyle McCarthy, Chris Allen

Nick, Grandfather, & Dora
Ryan Conrad, Mike Carellas, Steph Neves

Margery & Paul
Kelly Stoos, Chris Allen

Stuart, Old Lady, Nancy, Ben, Beth & Fred
Chris Medeiros, Liz Mack, Jen Burger, Andrew
Gustafson, Kelly Stoos, Michael Nugent

Helen & Sarah
Janelle Arendt, Jeanna Atkins

Gordon, Kate, & Chris
Mike Carellas, Sarah Snydacker, Chris Medeiros

Toni & Aunt Harriet
Amelia Edward-Corbett, Jen Burger

Meg & Jim
Sarah Snydacker, Michael Nugent

David, Emily, Claire, Bertha, & Standish
Ryan Conrad, Meghan Sullivan, Gigi Putier, Kyle McCarthy, Chris Allen

Dick & Harvey
Andrew Gustafson, Ryan Conrad

Ruth, Annie, & Others
Liz Mack, Gigi Putier, Janelle Arendt, Jenn Burger, Amelia Edward-Corbett,
Sarah Snydacker, Kelly Stoos, Meghan Sullivan

Stage Manager
Christi Webb
Jenn Sears
Toby Buress
Cilla Rowe, Sharon Arendt
Stage Crew
Gina Proske

Ryan Conrad, Andrew Gustafsen
Amelia Edward-Corbett, Sarah Snydacker, Jenn Burger, Meghan Sullivan, Kelly Stoos, Liz Mack, Janelle Arendt
Liz Mack, Gigi Putier