The Middletown High School Drama Club
Talking With...
By Jane Martin
"Talking With..." was a bonus production of the MHS Drama Club.  This play was chosen, cast, and directed by the members of the production, and produced under the advisorship of Mr. Ascoli on January 29 and 30, 1999.

The Cast
Kelly Stoos - Fifteen Minutes, Lamps
Jenn Burger - Clear Glass Marbles
Erin Toppa - Dragons, French Fries
Sarah Snydacker - Auditions, Handler
Amelia Edward-Corbett - Rodeo, Marks
Michala Ebbitt - Scraps
Janelle Arendt - Twirler

Stage Manager
Rob Zeuge
The Crew
Robbye Parker, Jenn Sears, Michelle Walsh,
Jeana Atkins, Leigh Fernandez, Ryan Conrad

The Cast - Erin, Kelly, Sarah, Janelle, Amelia, Jenn

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