The Everett Dance Company and
The Middletown High School Drama Club

An original dance production
performed by MHS Students and The Everett Dance Company
March 16, 1991

Here's some video, posted by the Everett Dance Company on YouTube!

[from the program:]


For the second consecutive year, we are bringing together the seemingly diverse elements of art, music, dance, and science. And once again, we have found that the experimental process of science exploration and the creative process of artistic exploration are remarkably similar. We welcome yuo to the product of our efforts.

As you begin your evening, we hope that you will enjoy the art works created by our students that can be found in the lobby. Listen for an announcement at about 7:15 to join us in the Cafeteria for our first performance which we call Floating Masses. After the performance, please feel free to join our students and experiment withthe apparatus yourself. We're sure that you'll discover that you haven't even thought of. Remain in the Cafeteria, though, for our next performance takes place on stage. Pull up a chair and enjoy Photons a dance piece that incorporates illusion and light. This will be followed by a lecture/demonstration which will talk about that piece. then you'll see our Physics Factory which will demonstrate some physics properties in a new and interesting way. At the conclusion of this performance, we hope that you will experiment with anything that interests you. We'll be there to help and explain whatever we can. The more adventurous among you may choose to ride the human size hockey puck. Whatever you choose to do, we hope that you will enjoy sharing our discoveries. A lot of trial and error (sometimes too much error) went into our explorations, but also a lot of hard work and energy. We feel that we are better for our efforts and we hope you enjoy the evening.

ACT I - THE MOTION OF PHYSICS - Original dance pieces created and performed by the students of MHS and the Everett Dance Theater.

I - Matter and Energy: "Floating Masses"
The conical pendulum, rotational inertia and angular momentum combine to add a new twist to the kinetics of dance.

II - Waves: "Photons"
The full spectrum of light collides with the motion of dance and the art of illusion.

III - Balance of Forces" "Physics Factory"
Work, power, energy, momentum, projectile motion, friction, and simple machines... it's all part of the "Rube Goldberg" physics factory.

IV - Mechanics

Audience exploration.

Directed by Aaron Jungles
Assistant Director Dorothy Jungles
The Performers
Scott Adams Sarah Allen
Ruby Alvarado Teresa Barnes
Akeia Bowman Jay Carvalho
Alice Day Hannah Goodman
Beth Hoffman Kasia Kowalczyk
Brian Lawton Wendy Macedo
Anne Marques Rosario Moll
Greg Rosenburg David Sylvia
Sean Wheeler Nick Wisdom
The Others  
Jim Ascoli, Kevin Zahm
Creative/Technical Consultants James Ascoli, Renee Bissell, Gail DeSisto, Paul Mello, Marie Vincent, Kevin Zahm
Technical Assistance Emily Allen, Stuart Plymesser
Videographer Peter Hemenway
The Everett Dance Theatre is:  
Choreographer: Dorothy Jungles
Danceres: Aaron Jungles, Rachel Jungles, Marvin Novogrodski, and Walter Ferrero

Partial funding for this project was provided by the Rhode Island State Council For The Arts.