The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Good Doctor
by Neil Simon, adapted from Anton Chekhov
performed December 1983

The Writer
Tom Gorman

The Sneeze
Tom Gorman, Peter DiPippo, Kirsten
Farrell, Greg Geer, Leah Galvin

The Governess
Lisa Smith, Jackie Maurais

Peter DiPippo, Jon Davis

The Seduction
Tom Gorman, Greg Geer, Dana Ballard

The Drowned Man
Tom Gorman, Jon Davis, David Mendell

The Audition
Tom Gorman, Jackie Maurais

A Defenseless Creature
Peter DiPippo, Anne Marie Gomez, David Mendell

The Arrangement
Tom Gorman, Greg Geer, Leah Galvin

The Writer
Tom Gorman

back: Ed, Aaron, Kurt, ?, Greg, Colleen, Beth
middle: Peter, Dale, Leah, Jim, Jackie, Dana
front: Alan, Kirsten, ?

Lisa "Eyes Up" Smith and Jackie Maurais
Peter, Greg, Kirsten, Leah
Tom Gorma, Peter DiPippo, Jackie Maurais
Greg Geer and Jackie Maurais
back: Aaron, ?, Glen, ?, Shawn
front: Colleen, Dale, ?
"The Sneeze"
Beth Mendell, Tom Gorman
Tom Gorman
A. Gomez, P. PiPippo
J. Davis, P. DiPippo
P. DiPippo, J. Davis
G. Geer, D. Ballard
T. Gorman, L. Galvin
D. Mendell, A. Gomez, P. PiPippo
?, Jackie, ?, Dana, Leah, Tom, ?, Peter, Lisa, Greg, ?