The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Mousetrap
by Agatha Christie
performed December 1982
The Cast
Mollie Ralston
Jackie Maurais
Giles Ralston
Tom Gorman
Christopher Wren
Peter DiPippo
Mrs. Boyle
Beth Mendell
Major Metcalf
Jason McGraw
Miss Casewell
Joann Matley
Mr. Paravicini
Ed Kirwin
Detective Sergeant Trotter
Greg Geer
The Crew
Stage Manager
Vicky Phillips
Dana Ballard
& Christie Henderson
Becky Wood
Dale Sagamang
& Aaron Schmier
Jack Crook
Posters & Cover
Peter Bixby
When Molly and Giles Ralston open their rooming house they find they should have studied their exotic guests more closely, for one of them is a murderer. A completely thrilling and dramatic climax is enhanced by the mystery of the play and the great quality of our actors. CONGRATUALTIONS!!!

Standing: J. McGraw, ?, P. Gomez, B. Wood, J. Maurais, J. Walsh, G. Geer, T. Howe, D. Nash, D. Kemper
Kneeling: B. Grimes, L. Smith, D. Mendell, M. Howard, B. Mendell, C. Woods, M. Sullivan
Sitting: P. DiPippo, V. Phillips, E. Kirwin, L. Galvin, J. Ascoli, D. Sagamang, J. Matley, D. Soferenko

P. DiPippo
J. McGraw, T. Gorman, J. Maurais
P. DiPippo
Jason McGraw (self-portrait)