The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Man Who Came to Dinner
by Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman
performed November 21 & 22, 1980
The Cast
Mrs. Stanley
Linda Andrzejewski
Miss Preen
Donna Sagarnang
Richard Stanley
Marc Tourigny
June Stanley
Betsy Hiebner
Jim Rooney
Sarah (the cook)
Joann Matley
Mrs. Dexter
Kathy Redgate
Mrs. McCutcheon
Lisa Lahr
Mr. Stanley
Duane Severa
Maggie Cutler
Teresa McMahon
Dr. Bradley
Dave Dougherty
Sheriden Whiteside
Bill Silvia
Harriet Stanley
Jeanine Silveira
Bert Jefferson
Jim Driscoll
Professor Metz
Jackie Maurais
"Luncheon Guests" & deputies
Matthew Carellas, Vickie Phillips
Matthew Carellas, Vickie Phillips
Radio technicians
Matthew Carellas, Vickie Phillips
Lorraine Sheldon
Marion Schmier
Tom Sullivan
Beverly Carlton
Mike Cofield
Doug Maguire
Courtie Roach
The Crew
Stage Managers
Lyn Truchon, Pat Barrow
Penny Maguire
Set Design
James Ascoli, Maria
Trapela, Tom Mahaney
Debbie Hall
& Heather Johnson
Joann Matley, Lyn Truchon,
Kerry Norlin, Claire Woods
Dan Curran & Mary Kesson
Kevin Zahm
Stage Crew
Joe Ferreira

The Man Who Came To Dinner proved to be a big success, with a standing ovation on closing night.  The comedy is about the deterioration of the Stanley household when the famous and obnoxious radio announcer, Sheriden Whiteside becomes their unwilling houseguest for a month when he falls and breaks his hip on their doorstep.

Bill Silvia performed the lead role of Whiteside.  Teresa McMahon performed the lead female role, Maggie Cutler, his secretary.  Jim Driscoll played the small-town newspaperman, Bert Jefferson, with whom Maggie falls in love.  Marion Schmier played Lorraine Sheldon, the glamorous movie star that Whiteside uses to steal Bert away from Maggie.

Linda Andrzejewski and Duane Severa played the Stanleys, who fall to the mercy of the demanding Whiteside.  Courtie Roach, Jackie Maurais, and Mike Cofield played some of Whiteside's very unusual friends, who show up in addition to an Egyptian mummy, a crate of live penguins, and 10, 000 cockroaches.  David Dougherty played Dr. Bradley and Donna Sagamang played Whiteside's personal assistant Nurse Preen, both of whom suffered much abuse.


Teresa and Bill

back:  B. Silvia, J. Driscoll, P. Barrow, J. Rooney, D. Maguire, M. Cofield, J. Newman, D. Dougherty, K. Zahm, M. Carrelas front:  B. Heibner, J. Matley, M. Kesson, D. Sagamang, L. Andrzejewski, K. Redgate, D. Curran, M. Schmier, T. McMahon
B. Silvia, M. Tourigny, B. Heibner
B. Silvia
D. Dougherty, J. Driscoll
J. Driscoll, M. Schmier
V. Phillips, B. Silvia, D. Maguire, M. Carellas
L. Andrzejewski, D. Severa
B. Silvia, D. Sagamang, C. Roach