The Middletown High School Drama Club
Once Upon A Mattress
Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer, Dean Fuller
Music by Mary Rodgers        Lyrics by Marshall Barer
performed March 1978
The Cast
Lauren Beattie
Princess #12
Sue Beattie
Steve Cariaso
Lady Larken
Pam Frahm
Queen Aggravain
Betsy Crandall
Prince Dauntless
Steve Muchow
King Sextimus
Paul Leys
Kathy Marshall
Sir Studley
Greg Bowman
Sir Luce
David Souza
Sir Tenley
Pete Regan
Sir Christopher
Jim Sullivan
Lady Rowena 
Sheri Soforenko
Lady Merrill
Ruth Hall
Lady Lucille
Patty Smith
Sir Harry
Mike Anton
Princess Winifred
Anne Lavergne
Lady Mabell
Debbie Smith
Lady Christina
Chris Geyer
Lady Dorothy
Donna Sagamang
Lady Dora
Teresa McMahon
Lady Deborah
Debbie Haggis
Lady Abigail
Abby Thompson
Nightengale of Samarkand
Ann Arnold


Special thanks to Janet Angel and Jim Ascoli for the names below - can you help me identify who anyone else is in these pictures?
 back top: Steve Muchow, Lauren Beattie, Ron Burnett
standing: Bert Velasco, David Sagamang, Ann Bruining, ?, ?, [?, Lisa Lahr, ?, Julie Wojcik, Joyce Huffman, Ann Arnold], Theresa McMahon, Marc Tourigney, Patricia Seymour
lower frame: [Pam Truchon, ?, ?, ?]
front: Donna Sagamang, Debbie Noonan, ?, Paul Leys, Janet Angel
?, ?
?, ?, ?


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