The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Sound Of Music
Music by Richard Rodgers
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
Book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse
performed March 15, 1975

Directed by James Ascoli

The Cast
Captain von Trapp
Phil Respess
Susan Brown
Mother Superior
Linda Wilson
Kathy Farnum
Jackie Maurais, Greg Kendall, Ruth Velasco,
Blair Bostick, Marie Huss, Linda Grasing
Marc Silvia
Bob Sugden
Franz (the Butler)
Art Berluti
Frau Schraeder
Pam Fulmer
Student Director
Beth Murphy
Linda Grasing, Greg. Kendall, Ruth Velasco,
Jackie Maurais, Blair Bostick, Marie Huss,
Kathy Farnan, Sue Brown
Phil Respess, Kathy Farnan, Greg Kendall,
Ruth Velasco, Blair Bostick, Linda Grasing,
Marie Huss, Jackie Maurais
Jackie Maurais, Kathy Farnan
Sue Brown, Jackie Maurais
Ruth Velasco, Marie Huss, Kathy Farnan, Jackie Maurais
Jackie Maurais
Sue Brown, Linda Grasing, Greg Kendall, Marie Huss
Phil Respess
Pam Fulmer, Sue Brown
Linda Wilson
Linda Wilson
Kathy Farnan, Bob Sugden
Marc Silvia
Blair Bostick, Greg Kendall
Blair Bostick, Greg Kendall, Marie Huss, Ruth Velasco
Greg Kendall, Marie Huss, Ruth Velasco, Sue Brown, Jackie Maurais, Linda Grasing, Blair Bostick
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