The Middletown High School Drama Club
Don't Drink The Water
by Woody Allen
performed March 29 & 30, 1974
Directed by Miss Geraldine Martin
Class of 1974 Senior Play

The Cast
Father Drobney
John Barrett
Ambassador Magee
Greg Kendall
Ms. Kilroy
Mary Campbell
Axel Magee
Steve Trickey
Marion Hollander
Sarah McReel
Walter Hollander
Marc Silvia
Susan Hollander
Vanessa Graham
Chip Callaghan
Ms. Burns
[not cast in this production]
Kathy Corr
Sultan of Bashir
Ken Parks
Sultan's Wives
Sue Burdick, Karen Williams
Bob Sugden
Countess Bordoni
Pam Fulmer
The Crew
Student Director
Michael Day
Assistant Director James Ascoli
Set Design Chuck Matley, Bob Oatway
Stage Manager Chuck Matley
Assistant Stage Manager Bob Oatway
Stage Crew Chuck Matley, Bob Oatway, Chuck Ake, Karen Gillen, Kathy Fornan, Rick Brown
Stage Construction Kathy Mahaney, Chuck Ake, Kathy Farnan, Shawn McGeown, Sue Brown, Julie Finn, Barbara Bartholomew, Mike Hanson, Bruce Cook, Paul Johnson, Blair Bostick, Scott Bostick, David Arnold, Larry McLaughlin, Tom Erb, Jay Beattie, Eileen Blackhurst, Joe Feeney, Allison Barry
Make-up Mary Jo Leach (chairwoman), Mary Mahaney, Charlotte Wert, Grace Beattie, Pammy Graham, Shawn McGeown, Andrea Trust, Sue Heimann, Annie Hacjkett, Miss Nancy Lemme, Mrs. Grzyb, Mrs. Rosemary Golda.
Costumes David Alston (chairman), Bunny McReel, Sally Uhrig
Properties Mary Mahaney (chaiwoman), Veronica Wood, Karen Gillen, Rick Brown
Ushers Celine Maurais, Julie Finn, Jamie Norman, Chris Volton, Barbara Bartholomew
House Manager Larry McLaughlin

"Don't Drink The Water," a comedy by Woody Allen, was this year's senior class play. It concerns the plight of an American family, the Hollanders, who are forced to seek asylum in the embassy of a small Iron Curtain country after being mistakenly pursued as spies.

As the play progresses, Walter Hollander, his wife Marion, and daughter Susan try to prove their innocence. The ineffectual assistance of Axel McGee who is filling in in the absence of his father, the well-known Ambassador McGee , the fear of being shot by Russion official Krojack, and the impossibility of living with the efficiency expert Kilroy all combine to make life miserable and the play hilarious.

Directed by Miss G. Martin and Michael Day with the assistance of Mr. Ascoli, the set was built under the supervision of Chuck Matley and Bob Oatway. It was a truly outstanding set for a truly outstanding play which will be recalled as one of our finest comedies.



Marc Silvia
Steve Trickey, Vanessa Graham
Marc Silvia, Sarah McReel
S. Trickey, C. Callaghan, K. Corr
C. Callaghan, M. Silvia
S. Trickey, M. Campbell, S. McReel, M. Silvia, S. Burdick
Miss Martin, S. Brown