The Middletown High School Drama Club
Cyrano De Bergerac

by Edmund Rostand
performed January 1974
Directed by Geraldine Martin
Student Director: Elizabeth Murphy

The Cast
Sister Martha
Sue Poulin
Sister Claire
Suzanne Link
Mother Superior (Sister Margaret)
Rowena Dunlap
Le Bret
Robert Sugden
James "Jay" Beattie
Blair Bostick
Cyrano de Bergerac
Marc Silvia
Donna Ellsworth
Kristy Kendall
John Barrett
Anthony Bessinger
The Crew
Ken Santos

The play took place in the middle 1600s in France.  The basic theme was for Cyrano to capture his true love, Roxanne.  Roxanne, however, is in love with Christian, who is not really the man she believes him to be.  Roxanne confides in Cyrano and tells him of her love for Christian.  Cyrano, being a true friend of Roxanne, helps Christian by coaching him in the art of romantic conversation.  Christian dies at war.  Cyrano dies.  But not before he professes his love for Roxanne, thus ending the play.
If you can identify anyone with a ? in the pictures below, please e-mail me!  Thank you.
M. Silvia
A. Bessinger, D. Ellsworth, M. Silvia
K. Kendall
D. Ellsworth, M. Silvia
R. Dunlap
J. Barrett, B. Sugden
M. Silvia, D. Ellsworth
A. Bessinger, D. Ellsworth
R. Sugden, D. Ellsworth
D. Ellsworth, ?

Ken Santos
R. Dunlap, S. Link, S. Poulin
Thank you to Sue Poulin & Raymont Gordon for helping me identify some of these people!
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