The Middletown High School Drama Club
by Rodgers & Hammerstein
performed May 11 & 12, 1973
Directed by Miss B. Beamer
Student Director: Tory Tolley

The Cast
Aunt Eller
Gay Huntley
Steve O'Brien
Terry Morgenthaler
Ike Skidmore
Bruce Cook
Neil Woodland
Ken Parks
Will Parker
Robert Hitt
Jud Fry
Tom Erb
Ado Annie Carnes 
Marty Everly
Cord Ellam
Mark Caverly
Ali Hakim
Norman Ward
Gertie Cummings
Gail Space
Andrew Carnes
Bill Arnold
Laurie's Girlfriends
Cheryl Taylor, Sally Rae Uhrig, Sue Brown, Sarah McReel, Gail Meed, Colleen O'Brien, Sandy Smith, Cindy Driscoll, Kathy Farnan
Mary Mahaney, Jamie Norman, Donna Trainor, Debbie Trainor, Jennifer Adamson, Celine Maurais, Michelle Melberg, Vanessa Graham
Chorus Ensemble
Sandy Hines, Marilyn Sullivan, Gail Space
Cowmen & Farmers
Bob Oatway, Richard Space, Ken
Parks, Steve Palmer, Neil Woodland
Ali Hakim's Men
Danny Keirns, Bill Abromitis, Bob
Viti, Steve Trickey, Robert Cage
Jonna Straney, Susan Koconis, Bob Howe
Debbie Peckham
Susan Baumgartner
Kernel Reis, Joan Ganalt, John Gawalt, Charles Keyser
Paul Delnero
Charles Nickrenz
Bob Faria
The Crew
Student Director
Toria Tolley
Musical Director
Mr. Winifred Johnson
Technical Director
Miss G. Martin
Mary Mahaney
Elizabeth Westneat
Karen Oilliams
Carey Nelson
Cheryl Taylor & Debbie Peckham

"Oklahoma!" - Our spring musical, co-directed by Miss Beamer and Tory Tolley, with Mr. W. Johnson and Miss G. Martin. Work was the word, and everyone: dancers, singers, Ali's men and the Leads found something to do between scenes, whether it was listening to drum solos, or straightening out that tongue twister, "Cowboys dance with the farmers' daughters, farmers dance with the ranchers' gals." On the evening of May 11, the cast sat in 212 with that feeling of dreadful trepidation and wonderful expectation that is "opening night." That night and the next, the house was packed with standing room only. Waiting in the wings is the worst moment, but then you're on stage, and it's on with the show. Exaltation resounds in the final singing of "Oklahoima, OK!" and you can be sure that "Oklahoma!" will be recalled as one of MHS's finest theatrical successes (from the 1974 yearbook)
center: T. Morgenthaler
left edge: M. Mahaney, J. Norman, S. Brown, ?, ?, ?
right edge: ?, ?, V. Graham, C. Maurais, ?, ?
R. Hitt, M. Everly
The Orchestra
T. Morgenthaler
T. Erb
M. Everly
G. Huntley, N. Ward
G. Huntley, N. Ward
N.Woodland , T. Morgenthaler, S. O'Brien
Standing: Bill, Steve, Marty, Bob
Seated: Terry & Gay
B. Cook
S. O'Brien