The Middletown High School Drama Club
The King & I
by Rodgers & Hammerstein

performed November 30 & December 1, 1973
Captain Orton
David Gray
Louis Leonowens
Blair Bostick
Anna Leonowens
Susan Thompson
Phra Alack
Bob Sugden
Ken Parks
Len Smith
Lun Tha
Bruce Cook
Kathy Farnan
Lady Thiang
Sue Brown
Prince Chululongkorn 
Marc Silvia
Sir Edward Ramsey
Mike Ehrlich
Royal Wives
Sue Burdick, Debbie Grady, Vanessa Graham, Karen Guilliams, Pam Graham, Celine Maurais
Royal Children
Betsy Booth, Cindy Booth, Greg Brown, Ricki Brown, Jennifer Graham, Stephanie Johnson, Michele Maynard, Charlene Medeiros, Charlotte Medeiros, Patty Reardon, Sue Trainor, Andrea Trust
Royal Dancers
Mary Mahaney (choreographer), Lisa Abramson, David Alston, Cassie Dudick, Pam Fulmer, Vanessa Graham, Sue  Heimann, Naz Karaka, Nilufer Karaka, Celine Maurais, Maren "Bunny" McReel, Cathy Medeiros, Jamie Norman, Sue Trainor
Simon Legree
Veronica Wood
Bob Cage, Kelvin Campbell, Saul Campbell
Michael Day, Mark Daniels, Mitch Townley, Joe Sousa
Kristy Kendall, Mr. James Ascoli
Mr. Charles Nickrenz


front: J. Graham, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
rear: ?, ?, ?, R. Brown, ?, ?, (?) Campbell
K. Parks, S. Thompson, B. Bostick
B. Cook, K. Farnan
front: M. McReel, M. Mahaney, C. Maurais,
rear: ?, ?, ?
V. Wood
L. Smith, S. Thompson
L. Smith, B. Bostick, S. Thompson
D. Grady, C. Maurais, S. Brown
"The King and I," presented November 30 and December 1 in the cafetorium, is the musical adaptaion of a play based on the book ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM by Margaret Landon. It is the story of an English Teacher Anna Leonowens (Susan Thompson) who is hired by the King of Siam (Leonard Smith) to teach his children and help in modernizing his nation. As the story progresses between 1862 and 1863, the King and Anna have their differences, but eventually fall in love shortly before the King's death. Anna remains in Siam to see Prince Chululongkorn (Marc Silvia) ascend to the throne and continue her teaching.
The stage crew under Miss G. Martin produced four sets as Mrs. Maynard and Sarah McReel turned out period costumes for the cast of 60. Lighting effects were by Elizabeth Westneat and Mr. Anthony, and Mary Nahaney, choreographer and 14 dancers performed both traditional and ballet dances. All were under the direction of Miss Beamer and Karen Gillen who worked to ensure two memorable performances of our fall musical.