The Middletown High School Drama Club
A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
by Mark Twain, Adapted by John Fuller
performed March 23 & 24, 1973
Directed by Miss Geraldine Martin

The Cast
Hank Bennett
Michael Day
Joyce Lunsford
Mrs. Bennett
Kathy Steward
King Arthur
Carey Nelson
Queen Guenever
Kathlyn Smith
Daniel Buckles
Sir Sagramor
Stephen Trickey
Charles Nickrenz
Jamie Norman
Sir Launcelot
William Abromitis
Queen Morgan Le Fay
Susan Thompson
Jennifer Adamson
The Crew
Student Director Ton Erb
Stage Manager Debi Hart
Construction Chairman Mark Caverly
Stage Construction Anne Hackett, Hon Craigue, Vanessa Graham, James Thibault, Shawna McGeown, Sue Brown,
Ken Parks, Jim Arnold, Damon Bell,
Sarah McReel, Julie Finn
Lighting Bill Dunlap, Ken Parks, Jim Arnold, Rick Lawton
Sound & Special Effects Nick Toppa
Properties Mary Mahaney, Sully Uhrig, Sue Heimann, Andrea Trust
Costuem Design Kathlyn Smith
Costumes Sandi Beltz, Dottie Hitt
Make-up Design Robert Hitt
Make-up Karen Gillen, Grace Beattie, Melanie Hill,
Regina Mare, Jo Leach
Poster Design John Harrington
Publicity Paula Rosput, Cheryl Taylor
House Manager Dana Clay
Class Coordinator Paula Rosput
Program Note

Dear Audience:

The Junior Class of Middletown High School would like to welcome you to a unique experience in transportation.  Please board flight #1974 in the cafetorium, fasten your seatbelts, extinguish all cigarettes, and be prepared to to be transported with Hank.  Our special time travel plan will take you from 1973 to June 21, 528.

Your arrival point will be the court of King Arthur.  Approximate flying time will be 1445 years.  Your luggage has been stored in the cargo compartment of our time machine, and the flight crwe would like you to leave "reality" at the departure gate.  A welcoming committee comprised of His Highness, King Arthur, and Her Ladyship, Queen Guenever will meet you in Camelot.

The cast and crew of "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court" hope that your visit to our fantasy world will be whimsical, comical, and enjoyable.  If there is anything we can do to make your trip more comfortable, please contact our Tour Director Dana Clay at the main gate, or our stewardess at either entrance.

Very truly yours,
Geraldine Martin
MHS Travel Agency

If anyone has any pictures from this production, please contact the author.  Thank You!