The Middletown High School Drama Club
Sorry, Wrong Number
by Lucille Fletcher
performed February 3, 4, & 5, 1972
directed By Rickard Lawton
Cast List
Mrs. Stevenson
Kathy Smith
1st Operator
Sandy Taylor
1st Man
Tracy Kendrick
2nd Man
Hank Thompson
Chief Operator
Yvonne Mayo
2nd Operator
Mary Anne Mahaney
3rd Operator
Cheryl Taylor
4th Operator
Elizabeth Westneat
5th Operator
Susan Blair
Andrea Hostetler
Hospital Receptionist
Susan Baumgartner
Western Union
Mike Day
Sergeant Duffy
Stephen Trickey
A Lunch Room Counter Attendant
Mike Day
Producer Barbara Carrellas
Stage Managers David Gray, Karen Gillen
Set Design David Gray, Linda King
Set Construction and Crew Mark Caverly, Bob Miller, Sara McReel, Becky Lawton, Mike Day, Bea Grimmitt, Mary Ann Mahaney
Lighting Steve Ehrlich, Liz Westneat
Sound Steve Ehrlich, Chuck Keysar
Costumes Patty Martley, Gretchen Huntley
Properties Kathy Arnold, Robert Howe
Make-Up Tory Tolley, Bea Grimmitt, Karen Guillums, Sandy Taylor
Program Cover/Poster Design Dana Dilworth
Patrons Liz Westneat
Tickets Chuck Keysar
House Manager Robert Howe
Our Special Thanks To:
Terry Day
Rudy Cadieux
Christine Kaye
John Moitoza and WADK
The Newport Players' Guild
Newport Furniture
Philip E. Coen
The Faculty "Babysitters":
Barbara Von Villas, Terry Day, Marie Vincent,
Barbara Healey, Helen Bagley, & Caroline McCulloch


Steve Trickey
Tracy Kendrick
Hank Thompson
K. Smith
front: Bob Hitt
front left: Karen Gillen, Elizabeth Westneat
rear left: Mary Mahaney, ?, Sarah MacReel
standing rear: Mark Caverly, David Gray
R. Hitt
Richard Lawton, Barbara Carrellas, ?
Thank You Michael Day for the program scans!
This play was performed by "Thespian Troupe 2220" along with This Property Is Condemned in an evening of one-acts.  Also included were original poetry readings by Ron Buck and Jean Day.


It has taken a while, but we have finally done it. What you will see tonight is the first totally student produced and directed production in the history of this school. It is appropriate, I think, that International Thespian Troupe 2220, an organization founded on and dedicated to the advancement of dramatic arts in secondary schools, is presenting it.

The International Thespian Society is an educational and service organization of teachers and students. Membership is granted at a formal initiation ceremony after an accumulation of ten points which can be earned in various dramatic activities. Prospective members must agree to uphold the aims of the Society which are: 1) to establish and advance standards of excellence in all phases of dramatic arts, and 2) to create an active and intelligent interest in dramatic arts among high school students. Thespian members compose the core of this production.

I think the points on which we have tried to base this presentation are "standards of excellence" and "intelligent interest." Too many times in far too many high schools, theater is regarded as the traditional "class play" in which everyone simply has a good time and one unfortunate and often unqualified faculty member bears the weight and responsibility for any real work that must be done. I most certainly do not believe high school or any other kind of theatre to to be merely a social activity. Theatre is an art and a sacred and serious means of expression, and the prostitution of it under the guise of "Oh, well, we're just out for a good time," is a weak, pitiful, damning excuse.

We have not been under the rein of any particular faculty member or the administration not merely to further destroy administrative authority, but to allow creative freedom to those willing to bear the responsibility of such liberty. All of us who have worked on this production - faculty and students alike - hope to give our school and our community an idea of what their theatre could and should be, and to stir an intelligent interest in both our particpants and our audiences.

We thank you for supporting this venture and hope you will find us worth supporting in the future.

Barbara Carrellas,
[from the program]