The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Class of 1972

2 1-ACTS

April 2 & 3, 1972

The Sandbox
by Edward Albee
Young Man
Donald Bassett
Julia Hinman
Jay Walden
The Musician
Randy Norman
Barbara Blair
Barbara Blair, Donald Bassett, Julia Hinman, Jay Walden

A Poetic Interlude
Randy Norman
Peter Kendrick
Ron Buck

The Lesson
by Eugene Ionesco
Maid Donna Caplan
Pupil Karen Nickrenz
Professor Michael Day
Karen Nickerenz, Michael Day Donna Caplan

Production Staff
Faculty Advisor
Miss Barbara Beamer
Student Director
Barbara Carrellas
Business Manager Bob Hitt
Stage Managers Lawson Christopher
Yvonne Mayo
House Manager Richard Lawton
Cover Design Dana Dilworth
Sound Carey Nelson
Lights Steve Ehrlich, Bill Dunlap
Tickets Bob Hitt
Stage Crew Carey Nelson, Steve Trickey,
Liz Westneat, Ron Martin,
Hank Thompson
Programs MHS Drama Classes
Publicity Bob Hitt, Debbie Marks,
Judy Pervin
Make-Up Sue Cardoza, Debbie Schuster,
Linda Soloman
Costumes Judy Pervin, Peggy McMahon
Refreshments and Ushers Thespian Troupe 2220
Special Thanks To...
Mrs. E. J. Carrellas
Mrs. Terry Day
Mrs. Barbara Reinert
Jerome Callaghan
Paul Venancio
Rudy Cadieux
Mrs. Edan Lyon
WKFD Bridge Club
Marilyn Rockafellow
 Mrs. A.S.Westneat


Special thanks to Elizabeth (Westneat) Hoffman for sending me an original program!