The Middletown High School Drama Club
by George Bernard Shaw
performed December 10 & 11, 1971
Eliza Clara Eynsford Hill Christine Kirkwood
Mrs. Eynsford Hill
Dolores Elifritz
Robert Howe
Eliza Dolittle
Kathlyn Smith
Colonel Pickering
Ronald Buck
Henry Higgins
William Arnold
Mrs. Pearce
Morgan McCurdy
Alfred Dolittle
Richard Lawton
Mrs. Higgins
Barbara Blair
The Parlormaid
Toria Tolley
Student Director  Toria Tolley
Publicity Manager
 Robert Hitt
Stage Manager
 Charles Nickrenz
Assistant Stage Manager
 Elizabeth Westneat
Stage Crew
 Charles NIckrenz, Gretchen Huntley, Sandra Smith, David Gray, Catherin Lindsey, Karen Gillen, Mark Caverly, Bob Miller, Mike Day, Bruce Blair
Set Design
Barbara Blair
 Mrs. Wesley Maynard, Bonnie McNinch, Miss Frances Martin
 Katherine Bohensky, Lloydeane Melton, Linda Rodier, Karen Gillen, Sue Kerins
 Elizabeth Westneat, Sue Baumgartner, Sue Blair, Sue Kerins
 Richard Ehrlich, Richard Lawton
Program Cover Design
Barbara Blair
Tickets and Program
 Robert Hitt
Set Construction
  David Gray, Sandra Smith, Gretchen Huntley, Cathy Lindsey

Thank you to Morgan McCurdy for writing in with some picture help, and Elizabeth (Westneat) Hoffman for sending me an original program & filling in some names below!


Bill Arnold, Morgan McCurdy, Richard Lawton
Kathlyn Smith and Ron Buck


Barbara Blair, Bill Arnold
Ron Buck, Bill Arnold, Kathlyn Smith, Morgan McCurdy


Christine Kirkwood, Kathy Smith, ?, Bob Howe
Bob Howe, ?, Christine Kirkwood


Kathy Smith
Bill Arnold, Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith, Ron Buck
R. Lawton

L-R: Charles Nickrenz' ear, Steve Erhlich, David Gray just behind him, then Susan
Blair, Sue Baumgartner, Michael Day, Torry Tolley, Bob Miller, Mark Caverly, and Liz Westneat
Standing: Miss B. Beamer

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