The Middletown High School Department of Music
(& Drama Club
Anything Goes - A '30s Musical Revue
performed May 1971
Directed by Mr. Fred Siravky and Ms. Marylin Rockafellow

The Cast

Reno Sweeney Gay Huntely
Billy Crocker Donald Bassett
Moonface Joe Marks
Mary Ann Poulin
Jani Matley
Sir Evelyn
Ron Buck
Mrs. Harcourt
Julia Hinman
Robert Howe
Richard Lawton
Steward Michael Day
Carey Nelson
Cameraman John Silvia
Ching David McCord
Ling Alan Feinstein
Four Angels:

Judy Chatelain
Celia Walker
Joyce Lunsford
Donna Caplan
Purser Robert Hitt
Captain Joe Lee


Jane Alvernas, Nancy Baldwin, Sue Blair, Lawson Christopher, Carolyn Grosskurth, Kathy Howe, Coleen Jones, Mal Kaull, Ann King, Bev Lawrence, Chuck Matley, Valerie Mendonsa, Barbara Scheuster, Marilyn Sullivan, Jeannette Thibeault

Special Thanks to Elizabeth (Westneat) Hoffman for sending me an original program!
Production Staff
Producer and Director Mr. Fred Sirasky
Set Design Mrs. Rosemary Day
Set Construction Mr. Robert Day, Hank Thompson
Stage Manager Hank Thompson
Program Paul Venancio, Pam Case
Lights Steve Ehrlich, Bill Dunlap
Stage Crew
Hank Thompson, Barbara Blair, Leo Dyer, Sue Kerins, Charles Nickrenz, Karen Nickrenz, Elizabeth Westneat
Choreography Carol Matley, Ass't Jani Matley, under the supervision of Russ Whelan and Connie Remey
Tickets Pam Case
Props Sue Cardoza
Make-up Linda Soloman, Pam Case, Jani Matley, Kathy Bohensky, Barbara Carellas, Maureen Viti
Publicity Pam Case, John Pasceob, Jani Matley, Barbara Scheuster
Costumes Miss Martin, Judy Pervin, Karen Nickrenz, Lyn Smith, Jani Matley
First Accompanists Miss Ann Gardella, Mrs. Sue Ackerman
Drums Dean Hostetler

Our Special Thanks go to
Paul Venancio
Miss Marilyn Rockafellow
Miss Francis Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Day
Russell Whelan
Miss Carol Matley
Miss Connie Remey
Miss Ann Gardella
Mrs. Sue Ackerman

Robert Howe
Julie Hinman, Mary Ann Poulin
Gay Huntley
Mike Day Joe Marques, Don Bassett, Jani Matley Ron Buck, Gay Huntley
  ?, ?, Donna Kaplan Don Bassett
from Mary Ann Poulin: "left to right...phew. Six from Left Donna Kaplan, Ninth (male) Carrie Nelson (deceased),Eleventh standing under round window on set, Marilyn Kaull, Twelve Patricia Faria, Thirteenth Joe Marques (front),Fourteenth Don Bassett, Fifteenth, Mary Ann Poulin, Sixteenth Lawson Christopher, Seventeenth Julie Hinman, Eighteenth (background)?, Nineteenth Gay Huntley, Twenty Ron Buck, Twenty-One Joe Lee"
from Hank Thompson:
"Daria Treahy is the girl on the right side of the photo in the dress with the squares on it. Really beautiful red hair and one of the most wonderful alto voices I've ever heard."

Thank You Mary Ann Poulin & Hank Thomson!

(As you can tell, we have only some of the cast list for this production.  If you were involved in this show or have a program or remember anything about it, please e-mail me so I can update this page. I'll be sure to give you credit J. Thank you!)