The Middletown High School Drama Club
Guys and Dolls
A Musical Fable of Broadway
Based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon
Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
performed March 13, 14, and 15, 1970
The Cast
Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Mike Radkovich
Benny Southstreet
Hank Dyer
Rusty Charlie
Vernon Graham
Sarah Brown
Debbie Grunstra (Burridge)
Arvide Abernathy
David Parker
Agatha (Mission Band)
Susan Beachum
Mission Band
Mal Kaul, Paul Nobles, John LaPointe
Harry the Horse
William “Bick” Jones
Lt. Brannigan
Alan Feinstein
Nathan Detroit
Tim Walker
Angie the Ox
Robert Torkomian
Miss Adelaide
Claire Silvia
Sky Masterson
Bob Blake
Mimi (Hot Box Girl)
Barbara Carrellas
Gen. Matilda B. Cartwright
Donna Coultas
Big Jule
Joseph Marques
Waiter/Joey Biltmore
John LaPointe
Liver Lips Luey
master of Ceremonies
James Beates
The Hot Box Girls
Julius Borges
Amy Brock, Patricia Faria, Roberta Faria, Carol Luckenbaugh, Jane Matley, Rita Mellekas, Pam Reimer, Bonita Robinson, Marie Romanus, Betsy Olmstead, Barbara Saccucci, Christine Stritzinger, Bernadette Hightower, Joe Lee, Michele Yashura, Laura Vaillancourt, Ted Viti, John Sodomka
Crap Shooters
Julie Smith, Kathy Howe, Ellen Woodland, Kathy Robinson, Jane Matley, Cyndi Soares, Ann King, Celia Walker, Kathy McDonough, Debbie Myers, Maryann Poulin, Karen Wimbiscus, Esmee Torelli, Linda Soloman, Julie Hinman, Amy Brock, Barbara Carrellas, Judy Day, Marianne Mytinger, Carol Matley, Hugh Moore, Pat Martins, Bonnie Robinson, Vern Graham, William Kelly, Cathy Shepard, Robert Torkomian, William Jones, Mike Daniels, Janet Wood, Karen Brownell, Dottie Silvia, Eileen Jurista
Cast members include: Jane Marie Alvernas, Karen Ann Wimbiscus, Ellen Christine Woodland. If you know any of the other players, please e-mail me!
The Crew
Karen Emery
"Our school musical was presented in March of 1970. The plot involved the misadventures of "the oldest, established, permanent, floating crap-game in New York." It follows the episodes of Adelaide (played by Claire Silvia) to tempt Nathan Detroit (played by Tim Walker) to the altar. Other main characters include Bob Blake as Guy [sic]Masterson, who is ultimately reformed by Debbie Grunstra as Sarah Brown, the Salvation Army lass."    (from the 1971 yearbook)
Claire & Len, "before"
Claire & Len, "during"
Claire, "after"
Barb Ehrlich
Mick Radkovich
Robert Torkomian, Bick Jones, Joe Marques, Tim Walker, Hank Dyer, ?

?, Alan Feinstein, Marie Romanus, Hank Dyer, Claire Silvia, Tim Walker,
David Parker, Debbie Grunstra (Burridge), Bob Blake, and Mike Radkovich

David Parker, Sue Beachum, Debbie Grunstra (Burridge),
Marilyn Kaull, ?

Patty Faria
Claire Silvia
Bick Jones, Robert Torkomian
Debbie Grunstra (Burridge), Bob Blake
Special Thanks to Karen Emery (Smith) for the extremely cool pictures!