The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Junior Class (of 1968) Play
The Admirable Crichton
by Sir James M. Barrie
performed April 14 & 15, 1967
Directed by Mrs. Linda Dewing
Student Director: Richard McCarthy
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Helen Bagley

The Cast
Mr. Crichton
Joe Miniclier
The Hon. Ernest Wooley
Clark Westneat
Lady Agatha Lasenby
Toni DeMarco
Lady Catherine Lasenby
Diane Austin
Lady Mary Lasenby
Sue Goldman
The Rev. John Treherne
Jay Benson
Lord George Brocklehurst ("Brocky")
John Peterson
The Earl of Loam
James Murphy
Mrs. Perkins
Paula White
Monsieur Fleury
Alex Marikian
[William] Monte Neves
Tompsett [the Coachman]
Jeff Chaplin
Miss Fisher
Karen Krueger
Miss Simmons
Anne Sokol
Mlle. Jeanne
Trish Smith
Paul Reis
Mike Santos
Jane [the Kitchen Maid]
Kathy Creany
Ann Taylor
Eliza "Tweeny"
Lorna Hussey
Stable Boy
Warren Blakely
Kitchen Wench
Linda Zagaglia
Page Boy
Mike Sullivan
Naval Officer
Monte Neves
British Naval Captain
James Murphy
The Countess of Brocklehurst
Shelly Jackerson
The Crew
Mrs. James (Linda) Dewing
Student Director
Richard McCarthy
Stage Manager
Thomas Needham

[Stage Crew]


Penny Benson, Paul Reis, Jim Braman, Linda Silvia, David Harlow, Virginia Sullivan, Jo Marie Hershey, Kit Turano, Sharon Kenny [Kennedy?], Nancy White, Mike Milner [also Susan Desjardins, Susan Duckett, Kara Lee Silvia?]

Set Design
Jo Hershey & Holly Glaser
[Set Construction]
Cindi Borges, Dennis O'Neill, Jim Braman, Paul Reis, Toni DeMarco, Virginia Sullivan, Sharon Kenny, Linda Silvia, Betsy McClintock, Kit Turano, Mike Milner, Nancy White, Tom Needham
Props & Set Furnishings
David Harlow

Penny Benson, Robert Schuster, Kathy Price, Manuel P. Silvia

Dennis O'Neill & Paul Reis
Betsy Silvia
Kathy Creany, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Betty Devine, Virginia Sullivan, Karen Kruger, Paula White, Linda Zagaglia
Lois Abromitis
Betty Devine, Pam Rice, Debbie Duckett, Diane Kundrat, Lorna Hussey, Phyllis Mellekas, Linda Kraus, Linda Zagaglia
Tickets and House
Paula White and Batty Sharpton


Alice Blaney, Connie Heilig, Lenore Cordeiro, Karen Silvia, Debbie Duckett, Anne Sokol, Susan Goldman
Programs and Publicity
Debbie Duckett
Holly Glaser, Susam Goldman, Joe Miniclier
The Synopsis
"James Barrie's "fantasy in four acts" takes place just after the turn of the century. The haughty, aristocratic English family whose head, Henry, Earl of Loam, has ideas about the qualities of all men, take a vacation cruise on his private yacht and are shipwrecked on an island in mid-ocean. The play shows the family reverting to a state of Nature, where the best man is no longer the most aristocratic, and their former butler proves a natural leader.

Barrie is commenting on the rigidity of the mores of the times, for upon the re-turn to England, the household settles itself (but not without difficulty) into the patterns developed by society."

[from the program]

The Pictures

Standing (L-R):  ?, ?, ?, Paul Ries, Jay Benson, ?, ?
Sitting (L-R): Ann Sokol, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

?, ?, ?, James Murphy, ?

Betty Devine

Diane Austin, Jay Benson, Sue Goldman, Jim Murphy, Toni DiMarco, Clark Westneat, Joe Menichlier (sp)
Lorna Hussey, Clark Westneat
Toni DiMarco, Clark Westneat, Diane Austin, Jim Murphy, Sue Goldman
Lorna Hussey, Clark Westneat
Joe Miniclier, Clark Westneat, Sue Goldman
Jay Benson, Clark Westneat, Lorna Hussey
Lorna Hussey, Jay Benson, Clark Westneat, Jim Murphy, Sue Goldman, Toni DiMarco, Diane Austin, Joe Miniclier Mike Santos, Karen Krueger, Clark Westneat, Alex Merikian, William Neves, Paul Ries, Kathy Creany, Ann Sokol, Jay Benson, Lorna Hussey, Sue Goldman's dress
Special Thanks

We would like like to thank Miss Helen Bagley for organizing and encouraging the Publicity Committee, Mr. Robert Sullivan for helping with the posters, and Miss Frances Martin for giving so generously of her time and excellent assistance to the Costume Committee.

The members of Lord Loam's household wish to extend their deepest thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Anthony for the furnishings to make their drawing room possible.

Captain Elton Manuel, Newport Artillery Company

Mr. Charles Kempenaar of Boulevard Nurseries

Mrs. James Dunn of the Newport Antiques Shop

Gamache Costumes, Inc.
Thank You to Clark Westneat for sending me some great pictures and a copy of the program!