The Middletown High School Drama Club

Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Music by Frederick Lowe
performed April 15 and 16, 1966

Directed by Miss Ann V. Gardella

Accompanied by Wayne Ward
Assisted by Lynda Durfee

The Cast
Sir Dinadan
David Kirkpatrick
Sir Lionel
Philip Ward
William Skahill
Larry Poulin
Nancy Peckham
Deborah Godfrey
A Page
John Vakarietas
(Harvey) Clark Schroeder
Elwood Handy
John Albert Michael Silvia
Fred Darnley
Lady Anne
Cherlyn Jordan
A Lady
Deborah Martin
Sir Sagramore
David Murray
A Page
Susan Sherman
Lady Catherine
Barbara Lemmon
William Alford
Morgan Le Fey
Linda Hussey
Paul Allison
Christine Anthony, Linda Cohen, Fred Darnley, Elaine Echola, Debbie Godfrey, Elwood Handy, Linda Handy, Linda Hussey, Cherlyn Jordan, David Kirkpatrick, Barbara Lemmon, Deborah Martin, David Murray, Peter O'Toole, Katherine Quint, Susan Rush, Carolyn Russ, William Skahill, Debbie Smith, Cornelius Tonet, Pamela Viti, Craig Watt, Philip Ward, Susan Wilson, Dennis Wrigley, and Daron Young (& Janalee Rae Watson?)

Linda Blass, Betty Peckham, Pamela Reimer, Marie Romanue, Christine Stritzinger, and Gail Vandermyde

Production Staff
Lighting John Otth & Robert Pederson
Set Design Mr. Taylor and the Art Classes
Publicity Miss Taylor and the Junior Boosters
Costumes Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Marty, Rosemary Pimental, Rosie Goulart, Faith Souza, and Joyce Blankenship
Tickets and Programs Mrs. Kemble, Rita Zagaglia, Shirley Strickland, Victoria Vakarietas, Kathy Stanhope, Diane Nunes, and Joyce Greenberg
Stage Crew John Otth, John Guilfoyle, William Kelly, Bruce Watts, Arthur Sperling, James Templeton, Gary Neidick, Steve Brown, Eddie Cepeda, Linda Zagaglia, Shelly Jackerson, Frank Carney, Arlene Wolf, Meredith Commons, Daniel Harris, and Garry Lawrence
Make-Up Mrs. Maynard, Rosie Goulart, Patricia Bliss, and Mary Burross
Ushers Barbara Gros, Regina Tracy, Donna Trickey, Patricia Wenzel, and Susan Gawith, Kathleen Murphy
Our special thanks to the following for their assistance:
Mrs. Rush, Mrs. Marty, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Manchester, Miss Jeanes, Mrs. Magliocco, Mr. Anthony, Miss Taylor, Mrs. Lawton, Miss Martin, Mrs. Maynard, and Mrs. Kemble
Camelot, the legendary tale of King Arthur's court and the Round Table, depicts Arthur's desire for peace and his intense love for his queen Guenevere.  Their kingdom is ideal, but this situation is short-lived.  Sir Lancelot arrives from France and befriends Arthur, but also falls in love with Guenevere, and she with him.  Merlyn, Arthur's magician, tries to warn him of the impending danger, but his powers are taken away by the enchantress Nimue.  Morgan-le-Fay and Mordred attempt to complete Arthur's destruction after Guenevere and Lancelot's love is revealed, and the country is left in war and despair.
L. Poulin, W. Skahill

?, ?, ?
?, L. Poulin
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, L. Poulin, ?, ?, ?, ?
?, ?, ?, ?
?, ?, ?, ? (with ?)
?, ?, ?, ?
?, L. Poulin
?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
Larry Poulin, Nancy Peckham
Foreground: Linda Blass, Chris Stritzinger, Betty Peckham, Pam Reimer, Gail Vandermyde



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