The Middletown High School Drama Club
with The National Thespian Troupe 2220
Alice In Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
performed June 3, 4, & 5, 1966
Directed by Mrs. Elizabeth MacDonald & Mr. Paul Venancio
Student Director: Ellen Lois Parker
Class of 1967 Junior Play

Susan Sefton
White Rabbitt
John Silvia
Barry Botelho
Fish Footman
Carol Rocklin
Frog Footman
Don Kimbrel
Patricia Barry
Dawn Young
Chesire Cat
Cheryl Jordan
March Hare
David Nestor
Mad Hatter
Anthony Thompson
Kathy Finn
Queen of Hearts
Joyce Sefton
King of Hearts
Darrell Martin
Knave of Hearts
Phillip Ward
Michael Bunker
Mock Turtle
Eugenia Walsh
William Skahill, G.B.Reynolds, Tim Tremblay, Pat Dougherty, Melodie Shaw, Betsie Lee, Janis Foxworth, Stephanie Stringer, Sandi McLeish, Connie Tonet, Barbara Meteraud, Donna Kay Cardoza (4©), Bob Grasing
Red Chess Queen
Stacey Kerr
Sue Drummond
Susan Roach
White Chess Queen
Janet Kelly (McCarthy)
Humpty Dumpty
Steve Huttler
Carol Ann Austin

Student Director/Stage Manager
Ellen Parker
Assisstant Stage Manager
Pamela Owens
Production Manager
Kathy Tonnes
Business Manager
Carolyn Joynt
Deborah Martin
Debby Godfrey
Sue Spero
Debbie Braman
Jessica Bean, Mary Isabella Burns
Anne Venancio, Faith Hope Souza 
Kathy Worthylake
Technical Crew
Paul Hurteau
Stage Crew
Erik Reed Mohn, Gardiner Bannister Reynolds III


S. Sefton
D. Kimbrell
S. Drummon, S. Roach, S. Sefton
C. Rocklin
S. Sefton, S. Huttler
E. Walsh
S. Sefton, ?
S. Kerr
?, S. Sefton, ?, ?
?, S. Sefton
S. Sefton, ?
K. Finn, A. Thompson, J. Kelly, S. Sefton, S. Kerr, S. Drummond, S. Roach, D. Nestor
the Banquet
"There is more meaning behind the strange characters in the distorted world of the Alice books thanm first appears.  Adults find that the upside-down world of Alice reflects almost uncannily the true nature of life."  - J.B.Priestley

One of the memories that will will be most cherished by the class of 1967 is its presentation of "Alice In Wonderland."  Under the direction of Mrs. Elizabeth MacDonald and Mr. Paul Venancio, the class succeeded in bringing to the audience the delightful adventures of a little girl who finds herself in a perplexing imaginary world.

Deserving praise for the use of their imagination and talent are the stage crew, working with our able friend from Norway, Erik Mohn, and the cast, who tried and succeeded in making "Alice" an experience to remember.