The Middletown High School Drama Club
The Crucible
by Arthur Miller
performed January 22 & 23, 1965
Directed by Miss Shirlee Then
Class of 1965 Senior Play


John Proctor
Anthony Campagna
Betty Parris
Andrea Andrews
Reverend Samuel Parris
Harry Howard
Marlene Stefancin
Abigail Williams
Linda Cocke
Susanna Wallcott
Judi Smith
Mrs. Ann Putnam
Eleanor Tate
Thomas Putnam
David Hanson
Mercy Lewis
Jurate Vakarietis
Mary Warren
Ann Faas
Rebecca Nurse
Carol Thierriault (Friday)
Marge Connery (Saturday)
Giles Corey
Russ Rigterink
Reverend John Hale
Richard Lindsay
Elizabeth Proctor
Jane Symons
Francis Nurse
Ron Foberg
Ezekiel Cheever
James Griffin
John Willard
Joe Brewer
Judge Hathorne
Bill Smith
Deputy-Governor Danforth
Joseph Coute
Sarah Good
Janet Grant
Michael Ferrance
Play Chairman
Rita-Anne Sousa
Student Director
Ruth Munch
Stage Manager
Margaret Andrade
Lynne Bishop
with Kathy Rabatin, Glenna
Gaudet, and Jane Stevenson
Pam Gifford
Pam Mitchell
Joyce Dugan and Barbara A. Silvia
with Mary Hutchinson & Carol Davis
April Daniel and Pauline Kleven
August Miller
Stage Crew
Don Ort
with Palmer Hedly & Jim Welby
Tickets and Box Office
Louise Raposa
with Eunice Simmons, Diane
Crockett, & Marcia Hutler
Program and House
Rita-Anne Sousa
with Carol Reinert
Our special thanks go to the following for their valuable assistance:
The Newport Players Guild for the use of costumes.  Don't miss the next Guild production, "Life With Father", at the Trinity Parish House on February 26, 27, 28 and March 5 and 6.
Mrs. Barbara Lawton for all her time and effort with our costumes.
Mrs. MacDonald for her help in coaching our cast.
Mr. Taylor for help with our publicity.
Mr. Sullivan for special effects.
Mr. Stare.
The Dorryard Antique Shop, Portsmouth.
Jerry Douglas Antiques.  16 Franklin Street.
Davis Storage, Portsmouth.
And the others, too numerous to mention, who contributed in so many ways to our production.
"The wind blew and snow fell on a freezing evening as the Senior class presented "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller.  The date was January 22nd and 23rd and the setting was Salem, Massachusetts, with witch craft, superstition, and even aparations controlling an audience in awe.

Under the direction of Miss Shirlee Then, The Class of '65 executed a professional performance.

Despite the detrimental weather, heavy crowds acclaimed the performance with standing ovations.  Thus the fine work of the cast and the hard-working crews were complimented for a job well done!"  (from the yearbook)

One of the notable facts about this production was that the boys were given special dispensation to grow their hair longer than school rules usually allowed.

Thank you to Jim & Chandra Griffin for the program copy J.

Jane Symons, Richard Lindsay
Miss Then