The Middletown High School Drama Club
Doctor's Orders
by Kurtz Gordon
performed May 8 & 9, 1964
Directed by Mr. Robert Cafarelli
Class of 1965 Junior Play

Margaret Charlton Andrade
Marjori Ann Connery


Student Director
David Alan Tatlow
Stage Manager
Eileen Denise Patton
Gregory John Garcia, April Deborah Daniel
Timothy Tierny


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Back: Russ Rigterink, Pete Dunn, Diane Templeton, Kathy Smith,
Mary Connery, Linda Cocke, Anthony Campagna, Dave Hanson
Front:  Claudia Facchini, Carol Whitaker, Jane Symons,
Cindy Davis, Dick Lindsay

"Doctor's Orders", by Kurtz Gordon, was presented by May eighth and ninth, 1964, by the class of '65 as their Junior Class Play.  A twinkle-toed ballerina, gossiping old maids, and a quite perplexed doctor contributed to a cast of unforgettable characters.

Inumerable practices under the direction of Mr. Robert Cafarelli, who gave more than his share of time and effort, perfected a play of hilarious comedy.  The audience enjoyed themselves but the real satisfaction was had by the cast and committee members.

An ambitious offering in their Junior year, the success of "Doctor's Orders" will long be remembered by all.

(We don't know who played what for this production.  If you were involved in this show or have a program or remember anything about it, PLEASE e-mail me so I can update this page. I'll be sure to give you credit J. Thank you!)