The Middletown High School Drama Club
Lady, Be Good
by Dana Thomas
performed February 1963
Directed by Robert Cafarelli
Class of 1964 Junior Play

Clyde Musgrave
Bill Murphy
Barbara Casey
Barbara Burke
Dierdre Jones
Dana Cooley
Janet Selman
Barbara Gill
Mike Serotta
Mary Strong
Betsy Cockrill
Claudia Navarette
Robert Cafarelli "Joe Director"
Assistant Director
Sally Eisenbach "Josephine Director"
Support Staff
Joyce Rebello, Phil Osborne
left to right: Mike Serotta, Janet Selman, Bill Murphy, Betsy Cockrill, Claudia Navarette, Barbara Casey, Deirdre Jones, Dana Cooley, Clyde Musgrave, Mary Strong
Clyde Musgrave!
Barbara Casey
Deidre Jones, Dana Cooley
Janet Selman, Bill Murphy
Barbara Gill
Barbara Burke
Clyde Musgrave, Bill Murphy
MaryStrong, Betsy Cockrill,
Bill Murphy, Clyde Musgrave (on couch )
Clyde Musgrave carrying Mary Strong while Deidre Jones and Bill Murphy act surprised
Janet Selman, Mary Strong, and Mike Serotta talking
Mary Strong, Betsy Cockrill
Clyde Musgrave carrying Mary Strong, as Bill Murphy and Barbara Casey look on.

This romantic comedy centered around the marriage of a Park Avenue socialite and a "milkman."  This unusual match was prompted by a mere whim, but survived its shaky foundation and a stormy prelude to emerge a fine union.

The students' enthusiasm and Mr. Cafarelli's experience combined to present a pleasurable evening.  The audience enjoyed itself but the real benefit was reaped by cast and committee members.  Rehearsals may have been long but the fun of presenting Lady Be Good will long be remembered by every participant.

(As you can tell, we have no cast list for this production.  If you were involved in this show or have a program or remember anything about it, PLEASE e-mail me so I can update this page. I'll be sure to give you credit J. Thank you!) Thank you already to Clyde Musgrave - the star or the show! for help identifying people in the pictures, and the cast picture. And thank you to Bill Murphy for filling in some holes!