The Middletown High School Drama Club
Drums Of Death
by Howard Reed
performed January 18 & 19, 1963
Directed by Robert Cafarelli
Class of 1963 Senior Play

Penelope Lindsay
Sheldon Harley  
Nat Read
Joe Vieria
Mrs. Oakley  
Diana Burnett
Mrs. Gillette  
Sheila Cory
Eugenia Bowles  
Nancie Harvey
Amelia Gillette  
Allegra Munson
Newton Cooper  
Bob Johnson
Doctor Cameron  
Lionel Peabody
Paula Bailey  
Christy Griffith
Stage Manager  
Michael Worthen
Bruce Sherman
Patricia O'Toole
Rosalie Andrade
Charlotte Sousa & Carol Rosa
Our Senior Class Play was a combination of excitement, hard work, and fun.  It was a mystery comedy and if anyone could have been behind stage they would know for sure.  As time approached for a certain player to go on stage you could hear a loud whisper, "Where's my flashlight!", with that everyone went into a tizzy searching for the all important flashlight.  When you took the first plunge onto the stage all your confidence was shattered when you heard a familiar voice shouting, "That's my sister!"  Or if anyone could have seen Mr. Cafarelli's facial expressions when someone missed a line they would have rolled with gales of laughter or cringed terrified!  BUT the show went on!
Diana Burnett (Young)
Joe Vieria
Bob Johnson
Penny Lindsay, Joe Vieria
?, ?
Richard Winick, ?
Allegra Munson, Penny Lindsay, Sheila Cory
?, ?, ?
?, Sheila Cory, Allegra Munson, Penny Lindsay, Joe Vieria, Bob Johnson, ?
L-R: ?, ?, Bob Johnson, Allegra Munson, ?, Sheila Cory, Diana Burnett (Young), Joe Vieria, Richard Winnick, Penny Lindsay
(L-R): Allegra Munson, Christy Griffith, Bob Johnson, Penny Lindsay, Lionel Peabody, Nancie Harvey, Sheila Cory
THANK YOU to Sheila Cory who got in touch with me in July 2009 and identified most of the people in these pictures! If anyone else can fill in the blanks (by process of elimination from the cast list?),then PLEASE e-mail me so I can update this page. I'll be sure to give you credit J. Thank you!
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